Dayton City School Football Excited About 2018

Dayton City School will open the season at Grundy County on Thursday, August 9th.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Sweat Bees open season at home vs Grundy

August 2018

Dayton, TN —  Dayton City School prepared for their opening game of the 2018 with an appearance at the Warburg Jamboree and fans and coach are excited about the upcoming season.  After three wins last year, coach Hughes is looking for even more wins in 2018.  At the jamboree the Sweat Bees showed some quick strike ability with two long runs.  Rex Pendergrass and Bryce Dupree each had long runs for touchdowns.  With short duration of game in jamboree, Robbins kept the defense on the field a while with their long drives so DCS did not have any long drives that coach Hughes would have liked to have seen.  Ready or not, Grundy comes to Dayton for the opening game with 7 pm kickoff on Thursday night.

DCS has a roster of 34 players this year, the most in the five year tenure of coach Paige Hughes.

Coach Hughes at media day said, “We had our first bit of success here at DCS last year and we are going to try and springboard off of that a little bit.  These kids know they are going to put in the work like last year’s team did.  These kids know they have to put in the work like last year’s team did.  This year’s team, I am really proud of them for sticking with it, cause I have really pushed them this year.”

“The line is coming along pretty good this year.  We have seven guys who can step in there and do the job.  In years past you really didn’t have that.  You had people playing out of position.”

Dayton City lost nine players off last year’s team and several are playing at Rhea County High School.  The Sweat Bees will be looking to replace those players and will have experienced team with only one sixth grader on the team.”

“I am excited about playing Spring City this year.  We go to them this year.  I am excited about getting them down here next year.  I am not from around here, but I would like to get that rivalry going.  I know coach Loden, I respect him.  They are good every year and have been the big dogs up there for a while.  They always play hard and come prepared.”

Dayton City School Schedule and Roster:


Player- number Player- number
Kole Smith #1.  Spencer Wilson #32. 
Alzaiah Brown #2.  Ethan Davis #33. 
Modecai Huerta #3.  Gabe Cagle #34. 
Cayden Tipton #5.  D.J. Lafuze #35. 
Bryce Dupre #6.  Peyton Jones #36. 
Caleb Sinclair #8.  Aaron Merritt #37. 
Dre Garcia #9.  Brayden Grimes #61. 
Sam Stumbo #10.  Bradley Wooten #62. 
Rex Pendergrass #12.  Wayne Hudson #63. 
Dawson Mikel #16.  Bobby Hartley #65. 
Aiden Mcclendon #18.  Hayden Swafford #66. 
Dominique Kinkle #22.  Isaac Elsea #72. 
Luke Datz #23.  Ethan Robinson #73. 
Riley Wilson #24.  Luke Henry #77. 
Austin Gifford #25.  Rick Suttles #78. 
Justin Boyd-Medina #26.  Corey Mckinney #88. 
Cristian Moreno #28.  Victoria Allen #89.



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