Dayton City School Class of 2016 Tribute Video

Dayton City School's "Stinger" played by Anna Belle Talent

Hello?  Have you seen Dayton City School’s Class of 2016 Tribute Video?

Keeping with a proud tradition, Dayton City School pays homage to their graduating class with a fun and always creative tribute video.  This year “Stinger”, the school’s mascot, plays a center role as school principal Mrs. Linda Abel belts out revised lyrics to the hit song “Hello” by Adele.

“Every year we’re looking for ideas for our flagship video,” says DCS Technology Director Matt Marcus.

Marcus says production of the video was “a team effort” and credits Anna Belle Talent, the school mascot, as being a natural.

“When she puts the head on she is completely in character,” says Marcus.  “What she does, you can’t teach.”

Credited as the creative force behind the project is Jared Cochran who Marcus says rewrote most of the lyrics.

Singing those lyrics is principal Mrs. Linda Abel who after 36 years of service and dedication will retire after this school year.  This may be Abel’s swan song at DCS, but the lasting impression she has left on students throughout Rhea County will be remembered for generations.

Click here to watch Dayton City School’s broadcast of their Class of 2016 Graduation.

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