Bryan College hosts FCA Camp

Bryan will host the Fellowship of Basketball Team Camp on June 1st, 2nd and 3rd at Bryan College, Rhea County High School and Rhea Middle School.(Photo:FCACamp)

Fellowship of Christian Athletes hosts camp for basketball and more

May 31, 2015

Dayton, TN — Rhea County will be the host to 42 girls High School basketball teams this week as Bryan hosts the FCA basketball camp. The games will be played at Bryan, Rhea County High School and Rhea Middle School with 6 games available to be played at a time. There will be girl’s basketball teams from as far away as Memphis and the local Rhea County High School team will be playing.

Some of the details about the team camp.

Exciting competition against high school teams from all over the Southeast.
Assemblies and small group sessions to help athletes deal with real life issues,
achieve excellence, and be successful, committed athletes and young women.
Coaches’ Bible study and fellowship.
A Christian collegiate athlete to serve as a mentor to the team.

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