BBQ Battle – MoMo’s BBQ and Rib Shak BBQ


As a barbecue enthusiast, I’m very excited to feature MoMo’s Bar-B-Q and Rib Shak BBQ as both are great examples of how barbecue is done. Both establishments are locally owned and operated here in Dayton, TN. You will likely agree that there is something special about barbecue. Whether it’s a special occasion or dinner with family and friends.  Nothing compares to the sweet savory flavor of barbecue.

Momo’s Bar-B-Q

MoMo's Bar-B-Q - Dayton, TN
MoMo’s Bar-B-Q – Dayton, TN

Before MoMo’s Bar-B-Q entered the scene, authentic barbecue was not readily available in Dayton, TN. Jeremy Smith, owner and operator of MoMo’s Bar-B-Q, credits his love for barbecue and cooking in general for his inspiration. Opening it’s doors nearly 10 years ago, MoMo’s Bar-B-Q has continued to provide the area with a full menu of traditional barbecue dishes and more.

Momo’s best-selling dish is local favorite, the “Killer Potato” (pictured below). The potato is topped with butter, cheese, sour cream, pulled pork, and sauce on top. MoMo’s Bar-B-Q also does a lot of ribs and other items including:


I’d like to thank everyone in Dayton, for supporting MoMo’s over the years.

Jeremy Smith – Owner, MoMo’s Bar-B-Q


  • Made to order hamburgers
  • Family Feast which feeds 4
  • Awesome Smoked Chicken Salad homemade
  • Pork Plate, Beef, Chicken, and Ribs
  • and much more (please click on the pics below for MoMo’s gallery)

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All MoMo’s smokers are old-style and use nothing but the best hickory.  Years of experience allow Jeremy Smith, owner and pit master, to perfect the process of smoking the meat.  MoMo’s Bar-B-Q concentrates on the quality of food and cleanliness. MoMo’s BBQ also does catering and has the capacity to cater events up to 1.000 people.

Rib Shak BBQ

Rib Shak BBQ - Dayton, TN
Rib Shak BBQ – Dayton, TN

Mike Adams and Dean Evans, owners and operators of Rib Shak BBQ, began serving barbecue nearly 2 years ago at their Dayton Mtn Hwy location. The duo have since opened a new location on Rhea County Hwy in November of 2012. Mike Adams, owner and pit master, for Rib Shak BBQ, states he loves to cook, and barbecue has always held a special place with him.

Rib Shak’s first smoker was bought in Atlanta.  They have since had a custom smoker built to their specs.  Adams emphasizes that everything is homemade from scratch.  Along with the usual barbecue dishes, such as pulled pork, brisket, and ribs, the Rib Shak also offers several creative new ways to enjoy barbecue.  Among these are barbecue spaghetti, smoked meatloaf sandwiches, and smoked chicken potato with broccoli casserole.  The Rib Shak also offers a discount for Bryan College students which has been well received.  (please click on the pics below for the Rib Shak gallery)

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Rib Shak BBQ also enjoys catering for parties and special events (also rumored to smoke salmon upon request at catered events).

I hope everyone enjoys this piece on barbecue in Rhea County. Whether it’s tailgating before the big game or breaking bread with old friends. Get out and get some barbecue. We have some of the best right here in Rhea County.

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