Abie Riley places first in Gritmas Class Powerlifting

Abie Riley with childrenWalker 9 and Gwenna 7. Abie recently won her initial powerlifting competition at the Grithouse in Cleveland and she is training for her second competition in April.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Riley lifts 700 lbs to bring home the prize in initial event

January 2018

Cleveland, TN —  Abie Riley won first place spot at the The Gritmas Classic in  Cleveland, Tennessee in a squat-bench-deadlift contest held at the Grithouse gym in Cleveland, Tennessee.  Abie squated 250, benched 140 and deadlifted 310(700 pound total), in her very first competition in power-lifting.  By finishing first in her weight class and age, she moved to first place in the Southern Powerlifting Federation in Tennessee.

Abie answered a few question about her introduction into power-lifting.

How long have you been training in power-lifting?

“I have trained for about a year in powerlifting.”

How often do you train every week and how many hours?

“Right now I’m training 5 days a week, about two hours per day.  I am serious but try to have a little fun with my training.”

What is the next event where you will participate?

“I plan to compete at The Grithouse again April 7.”

Tell me a little bit about you background and family.

“I’m married to Jammie Riley(2004) with two children, Walker age 9, and Gwenna age 7 .  I went to Rhea County High School and graduated in 1999.  I am a special education teacher assistant at Rhea Central Elementary.  I played a little of everything in high school.  My main focus was soccer.  Played on the first ever Rhea County High School girls soccer team at the high school.  I also worked out at MMA Institute of Dayton for a couple of years, which I really enjoyed.”

Tell us about your approach to power lifting?

“I’m mainly business as usual.  This first meet was the first time ever seeing a competition like this.  Without my coach Josh Rodda, none of this would have happened.  He has coached me in my first year of training and we are continuing to work together to prepare for next event.  I am working out at the Rhea County Community center to get ready for my upcoming event in April.  There are a great group of lifters that I look up to that work out at Rhea County Community Center, the Grithouse and East Ridge fitness.  I enjoy putting in the hard work to get better, and I am looking forward to this next competition and hope to do well.”

Powerlifting coach Josh Rodda spoke about  Abie.  

Josh said, “I love the fact that she is showing her daughter and all females for that matter that powerlifting does NOT make you fat or bulky!  She is getting leaner and stronger as we progress!  Abie is a hard worker and very coachable.   I am really proud of her, and I know her family is too!”

“I guess in short I am proud of her HARD work and showing her kids how to work hard to achieve goals!”

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