2019 Rhea County Band Makes New York City Trip

The Rhea County High School band made a trip to New York City during Spring Break.(Photo:MadilynAdams)

New York Adventure For Rhea County High School Band

April 2019

New York City, NY —  The Rhea County High School Band spent four day in New York City from March 15th through March 19th.  It was an adventure for the band.   From performing on Ellis Island to eating at the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, this trip was packed full of amazing events.

The first half of day one was spent on Ellis Island. The band got to perform six songs at the Wall of Honor, including “Shut Up and Dance” from our 2016 halftime show. After the performance, we all boarded a ferry to go and get some wonderful views of the Statue of Liberty.  For the rest of the day, we took a tour of lower Manhattan then proceeded to have a great meal at La Mela in Little Italy.

Day two was probably the most exciting day for many people in the band because this was the day we saw a Broadway Show!  That morning we all took a quick tour of Central Park then got to go eat at the Grand Central Terminal for lunch.  After lunch, we were allowed some free time to do what we wanted, but after about two hours we had to meet at Bill’s Bar and Burger for dinner before the show.  Everyone was filled with excitement to see Wicked, which was the Broadway Show we were seeing later that night.  We all ate dinner and before we even knew it, it was time to go see the show!  There wasn’t one person who didn’t enjoy it.  We all came out of the show ready to see it again!

Because this day was our last, day three was very bittersweet.  We started the day off by taking pictures at the beautiful Hamilton Park.  The rest of the day we were given some more free time until dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe!  The music and gift shop inside of the restaurant gave it an awesome atmosphere. Finally, after dinner, we got to visit the Top of the Rock. The view of New York City was absolutely breathtaking from up there.

Overall, the trip went really well.  Everyone had a great time, and I can’t wait to see where else this band will go!

by Madilyn Adams

Photo collection by Madilyn Adams, Makaylee Willis and others:

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