2019 Opry On The Mountain Coming Soon

Opry on the Mountain Comes to Walden's Ridge Community Center beginning March 29th.(Photo:Walden'sRidgeCommunityCenter)

Performances at Walden’s Ridge on March 29,30, April 5,6March 2019

March 2019

Walden’s Ridge, TN — On the Mountain just west of Dayton is Walden’s Ridge Community Center.  Every year this venue produces several music events performed by local volunteer musicians that can really bring it.  Coming next to Walden’s Ridge Community Center will be “Opry on the Mountain”, the fourth installment of the production.  First performance is on March 29th, with more performances on March 30, April 5 and April 6.  So on two Friday nights and Saturday nights at 7:00 pm you have plenty of opportunities to go see the show.  Some people even go back for multiple viewings.  Cost is only $10.00 per ticket for all ages.  The money goes to help maintain the Community Center and for other worthy causes and not to the performers.  As the name implies, this is good ole country music.

Walden’s Ridge Community Center is located at 4364 Highway 30(Dayton Mountain) just a short drive from downtown Dayton.  For tickets contact Wanda Morgan(423-802-3173), Brenda Baxter(423-619-3045) or Brenda Morgan(423-802-8250).

Walden’s Ridge Community Center has a website www.wrcc-dayton.com  and a facebook page WaldensRidgeCommunityCenter.

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