Walden’s Ridge Music Contributes to Community

Walden's Ridge Community Center is not only a source of good music and fun but a place for many community events throughout the year.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Money from Walden’s Ridge Events Go back into Community

June 2018

Walden’s Ridge, TN —  June Jame last week was just another of the many musical offerings by Walden’s Ridge Community Center up on mountain on Highway 30.  These events not only provide entertainment but also bring in money for many worthwhile projects.  On Saturday local performers came together to perform lots of old country songs to a very appreciative crowd.  But June Jam is just one of many offerings by Walden’s Ridge over the year.  Back in April they had “Opry on the Mountain” show and there is the always popular Hee Haw, Sock Hops and Youth Talent Shows.  These events not only entertain but bring in money for projects at Walden’s Ridge.  The concessions is run by the Kiuka Volunteer Fire Department and profits go to help with the Volunteer Fire Department needs.  For a mere $5.00, fans get a lot of entertainment for their dollar.  These performers are all volunteers.

Singers on the night included Julia Barbee, Brenda Baxter, Margret Ann Briceland, Ben Gaston, Billy Gaston, Brad Gaston, Linda Hutsell, Glenn Leach Jr., Trevor Linn, Beth Littleton, Brenda Morgan, Helen Morgan and Dillon Williams.

Brenda Morgan was the master of ceremonies for the program.  The band consists of Treven Linn on Guitar, Don Holmes on Guitar, Carl Garner on Bass guitar and Ed Walker on guitar.  Brenda Baxter is director and Dawn Sullivan and Brenda Morgan are in charge o sound.  Statge Director is Lillian Davault.  Lighting is controlled by Rob Scott.  Also volunteering are Don Lions as parking lot attendant and Wanda Morgan as Ticket Sales.

Performing in the “Opry on the Mountain 2018” show were: Brenda Morgan, Brenda Baxter, Li9nda Hutsell, Valeria Sinclair, Helen Morgan, Margret Breland, MelaJena Gatson, Glen Leach Jr, Larry Miller, Brad Gatson, Larry Morgan, Leah Littleton and Julia Barbee.

The band for “Opry on Mountain” was Jap Miller, Steve Miller, Don Holmes, Steve James, Trevor Linn, Larry Miller and David Ikerd.

The money made from the events goes back into the Community Center to provide a place for community events throughout the year.  Over the last five years, some of the projects completed were heating and air upgrade, new addition to back of stage building, lighing and electrical upgrades and the demolition of the old Walden’r Ridge School building.  A total of 26,886.00 was raised and spent in the community.  There were also private donations as well as many hours of labor by the local community.

The Walden’s Ridge Community Center directors also wanted to extend a big thank you to all the performers and other community volunteers for their effort over the years.  Together these volunteers are doing something special for Walden’s Ridge.



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