Valentine’s Day should be every day

Leah and husband came together through gradual process and Leah shares her story of how Valentine's day is an everyday event in her relationship.(Photo:LeahO'Neill/RheaReview)

Love works in unusual way to bring together people for life

February 2018

Dayton, TN — Recently I was asked if I could write a “Valentine’s Day”  article.” I am not normally the one people ask for a Valentine’s anything.  I love Hallmark’s Count Down to Valentine’s Day movies, but I don’t celebrate the holiday.  I actually give my husband permission to ignore me that day.  But at the request of my Editor,I began thinking, I could write a cheesy made up romantic article, or I could tell ya’ll a true romance.  So, here goes.

I met my husband almost 7 yrs. ago.  We met at work.  I was the opinionated Valve Tech and he was the old QC.  I would sit outside with the smokers (I did not smoke), and jaw about everything under the sun.  He was the quite calm relaxed guy in the corner who kept to himself.  A match made in well no one’s imagination.  We met while I was being a runner for a job (meaning I had to get all the tools), I was bored and drawing on a bag.  He walked by with a snide comment about being a little girl and I retorted that he was and old man.  As you could guess, this began a friendship that was based on who could insult one another quicker and wittier.  We became best friends. After 8 months, I finally agreed to try a relationship beyond friends. To be honest, we fought like cats and dogs (but he says he won) until the day I said I would marry him.  From then to now we have not fought.  When I have a problem, I talk to him.  When I am having a bad day and we are not on the same page, I stop and we talk.  I call him my perfect Hallmark movie.

I look at him and thank God for the man He gave me. My husband is truly God’s miracle to me. I don’t care about Valentin’s Day because every day in my life celebrates Love.  Girls, ladies, young men and even older men remember these words.   Do not celebrate love just one day a year, but love every day as if this is the one day left.

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