Today is Teacher Appreciation Day

Mr. Richard Daugherty a teacher for many years at Rhea county High School talks with students during the Tennessee Education Commissioner's visit to Rhea County High School on Monday.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

May 8th highlights Teacher Appreciation Week

May 2018

Rhea County, TN —  Tuesday, May 8th is Teacher Appreciation Day around the nation. Teacher Appreciation Day is the highlight duringTeacher Appreciation Week.  As teachers in different states around the nation have been speaking out for more pay and more money for the school systems, this is our day as a community to speak out in support of teachers.

On this day, we should all take the time to show our appreciation to teachers around our county and to those who influenced our lives as young people growing up.  After attending the Tennessee Education Commissioner’s visit to Rhea County High School on Monday, I was touched with the stories of Teachers and their passion for teaching.  Reach out today and for that matter the rest of the week and show your appreciation for the impact your teachers have made on your lives.

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