Test Your Fish Identification Skills

Are you a Fishhead or should you just stay off the water?

These youngsters from Chattanooga Christian School who took part in a fishing class are holding four different species of fish. Can you identify them all (the fish, not the kids). (Photo: Richard Simms)

A couple of years ago Outdoor Editor Richard Simms, with the help of TWRA Biologist Jim Negus, created an online fish identification quiz for a fishing class Simms was teaching.

All of the fish are species that live in the Tennessee River. To date the quiz has been taken by nearly 7,000 people. Those who score highest are classified as “Fishheads – You could be a biologist.” While the lowest scores indicate you should “Stay off the water – Have you ever seen a fish?”

Now the online platform, Qzzr, announces it is going to paid subscriptions only and ALL free content will be deleted. We’re not paying for it so, if you’d like to take this fun quiz to test your fishing knowledge, do it now or it’s going away on Sept. 15, 2017.

Give it a try and share it with your fishing friends.



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