Tennessee Wesleyan Track signs Eagles Jayson Sneed

Rhea County Track athlete Jayson Sneed signed on Wednesday to run track and cross country for Tennessee Wesleyan.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Jayson Sneed sings to run track and cross country at Tennessee Wesleyan

May 2018

Evensville, TN —  Tennessee Wesleyan inked Rhea County High School’s Jayson Sneed to run track and cross country next year.  Jayson signed a scholarship offer in front of family, friends, coaches, players and school administrators on Wednesday with the Bulldogs.  Jayson is a very versatile athlete, good student and fine young man.

Jayson goes to run at the same school as another Eagles alumni, Josh Parson who has been very successful at TWC.  But Jayson will make his own path at the next level.

Rhea County Athletic Director Micah Ruehling

Rhea County Athletic Director Micah Ruehling said, “This is always a day of celebration.  To be able to get to this point, you have to be able to compete at the next level and to compete academically at the next level.  Jayson is looking to study to be a Mechanical Engineer.”

“Jayson has worked extremely hard.  I have been around this school for better part of 24 years and I have seen guys come in and work and he has worked.  We want student athletes who take care of their grades, show up and work hard every day and stay out of our offices.”

Rhea County Track Coach Holder

Rhea County High School track coach Steffan Holder said, “Jayson is one of those rare athletes who can run anything from the 100 to the 5k.  He is very versatile and very attractive to coaches.  He is a competitor.  He runs hard every time he runs.”

“Students, you have no idea how important grades and attitude are.  When a coach talks to one of our athletes they already know they are good athletes.  They don’t call them unless they are.  First questions I get from them is how are their grades and what kind of kids are they.  I emphasize all those.  He is good athlete, good student and good young man.”

“I am very proud of all the achievements he has pulled out.  I really hate to see him leave but they are getting a good one.”

“I have seen the same competitor from freshman to senior year.  He has the heart of a competitor.  He doesn’t like to lose.”

Tennessee Wesleyan Coach Sam Roberts

Tennessee Wesleyan Track Coach Sam Roberts, who has coached the # 5 ranked Tennessee Wesleyan for five years said, “We set out to sign as many of the good kids from the kids who are close as we can.  We are looking for guys who can do a lot of different things.”

Jayson Sneed talks

Jayson said, “Tennessee Wesleyan is a really good team.  They are really competitive and I want to push to better myself.  I love the environment and the people.”

“I have ran since sixth grade and have learned to work harder to get better.  With football coach Owenby we ran a lot.”

When asked about his Mechanical Engineering major, Jayson said, “I like working on machine.  I have heard it is pretty hard.”

On Coach Holder, Jayson said, “He is wild, he can be grouchy on some days, he can be fun and his mood changes on how we run.  He is old fashioned.  I have run for four years for him.  He has taught me a lot.  I really look up to him as a man.  He is a good guy.”

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