Steven Williams selected Bowling Coach of Year

Rhea County High School Bowling Coach Steven Williams recently was named Tennessee High School Bowling "Coach of the Year" for the 2016-17 season. Williams has taken the team from inception to success over the past 4 years.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Rhea County High School Bowling coach Williams is Tennessee Coach of Year

November 2017

Dayton, TN —  Steven Williams selected Tennessee Bowling Coach of the Year of 2016-17.  Rhea County Athletic Director and Rhea County High School Administration were on hand for the presentation.

Williams has brought the Rhea County Bowling program from its inception to a very success program that has sent teams to District, Region and State.  Lady Eagles made final 4 in State last year.

Coach Williams said, “It has been very interesting to start from ground zero.  The first year we had only couple of bowlers with experience and first year we took girl’s team to sub-state tournament.  Both teams have been very successful.  We graduated 10 seniors last year with combined record of 154 wins vs 59 losses over their 4 years.”

“Program success has nothing to do with us as coaches.  It has been the kids, they come down and bowl a lot.”

“Substitutions is one of the hardest part of coaching bowling.  Hard to get bench players into the game and not interrupt the rhythm of the game.”

I asked coach Williams on teaching fundamentals of successful bowling.

“First you get their approach and timing down.  Then you start critiquing the release and the way they deliver the ball.  We do a lot of release drills and lot of one and two step drills.  We really focus on their approach because the shot is really from the foul line and behind.”

Steven began bowling around the age of 8.  He became involved in bowling program as age 15.  The bowling center in Dayton opened up in 1985 and I joined league in 1985.  Throughout my bowling career I have been on the PBA regional tour several times.  Three years ago he was 17th in average in the South Region.  He carries around 230 average and has had 20 perfect games and five 800 series over his career.

“I’ve had a few achievements on my own as an individual but I enjoy coaching a lot more than I do bowling myself.”


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