Steak and Shake feeds 450 at VIP event before Monday opening

Dayton's newest restaurant, Steak and Shake held a preview VIP event on Sunday as they prepared for grand opening on Monday morning at 10:00 am. Around 500 people attended the event.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Local Community gets preview of newest Dayton Restaurant

November 2017

Dayton, TN —  Around 450 people attended VIP event at Steak and Shake on Sunday afternoon to sample the menu at Dayton’s newest restaurant.  On Monday morning, November 27th, Steak and Shake will hold grand opening with 10 am open time.  Hours of operation will be from 10 am to 10 pm daily.  The Dayton Steak and Shake has 51 employees.

Scott Dicorato, a Dayton resident for over 17 years, is the owner of Steak and Shake.  Scott is married to Sharon Collier Dicorato for 23 years and has three children.  Twins Chloe and Kelsey are 22 and son Brandon is 30.

Scott took a job as bus-boy at 15 and was hooked immediately and has been involved in the culinary arts ever since.  Scott worked at the Fairlyland Club on Lookout Mountain for several years.  For the last 13, Scott has been Manager for Food Service for Unum in Chattanooga, where around 2300 employees were served daily.

Scott looked to get involved fast food ownership around 3 years ago and has spent the last year securing the Steak and Shake business.

Scott said, “I really love the fact that the Steak and Shake restaurant makes everything on site and to order.”

“I am very excited about opening the Steak and Shake here in Dayton.”

Heather and Julian were two of the first to sample the food and both were satisfied.

Heather said, “We have been to several Steak and Shakes and this one is very nice.  We will be back.”

Scott Arnold, teacher at Rhea County High School, said, “I really enjoyed the food.  I think Steak and Shake will do well here in Rhea County.  It is really exciting to see so many dining choices available for Dayton.”

The staff was very courteous and friendly.  Restaurant was very spacious and well laid out.  Should be a nice crowd on Monday for the grand opening.


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