Rhea Middle and Spring City Football square off in 2017 Ridge to River Classic

Rhea Middle School and Spring City Middle meet in the "Ridge to River Classic" on Thursday at Rhea Middle School in a big county matchup.

Rhea Middle and Spring City each come in with 6-1 records

October 4, 2017

Evensville, TN —  Rhea Middle School and Spring City Middle School football teams square off in the 2017 “Ridge to River Classic” on Thursday at 7 pm on Bill Horton Field.  Both teams have been very successful this year and bring very good running attacks and stingy defenses to the game.

Game will be live streamed for those unable to make it to Rhea Middle School for the game.

Stoney Colbaugh, Gavin Roddy, Seth York and Gage Harrison are leading the Rhea Middle offense this season with Colbaugh leading the team in scoring.  For Spring City, Jadden Pankey, Sir Alloway and Austin Brackett form a three headed monster in the backfield with each provided punch.  Eli Griffin will guide the Rhea Middle offense while Cade Cook quarterbacks the Bulldogs.

On defense for Spring City there are several leaders, including Drew Fisher, Sir Alloway,  Austin Brakett, Garrett Smith, Jeremy Easter and Caden Wicks and some i am forgetting.  For Rhea Middle there are also a few standouts that include Gage Harrison, Christian Eldridge, Jaylee Elsea, Stoney Colbaugh, Gavin Roddy, Zach Allen and Seth York, just to name a few.

Both coaches would say that the defense are strong units and not just a few individuals and will give credit to offensive line, which is so essential in having a good running attack.  On special teams, Jadden Pankey and Stoney Colbaugh will both provide go-the-distance potential on kick-offs and punt returns.

The interesting dynamic at work is that very soon these 8th grade players will be lining up along side each other on the High School team.  So it will be kind of like fighting with your brother.  Play hard, but make sure your don’t hurt him.  You can be sure that coach Moser and coach Loden will have their teams playing hard.  Make no mistake, there is plenty of school pride at stake in this one.

Should be a fun and competitive game with lots excitement on both sides.

The teams have split the last two meetings with Spring City taking 22-14 wining last year after Rhea Middle winning 18-0 in 2015.

Special thanks to Tad Rees, who has done great job reporting on the Rhea Middle football team this year.  For Tad it is a labor of love.

Cheering for Rhea Middle Football: Kaylee Judkins, Madison Evans, McKenna Cameron, Ava Nelson, Eva Hicks, Alex O’Brien, Bella Crump, Co-Captain Haylee Shoffner, Hannah Brock, Hallie Smith, Madi Douglas, Shelby Stephenson, Abby Herron, Lainey Fitzgerald, Kaylee Ervin, Co-Captain Maya Massengale, Lexie Nelson, Heather Frazier, Breanna Thomas, Sophie White, Captain Shelby Douglas, Aaliyah-Kate McPherson, and Co-Captain Cassidy Robinson.

Spring City Middle School Cheerleaders: Lauren Bornhoeft, Taylor McCoy, Hope LaFountaine, Kyla Harmon, Faith LaFountaine, Harmony Simmons, Kenzie Browning, Gracie Goodwin, Mari Castenada, and Kailey Ezell.

Rhea Middle School Roster

2Gage Harrison50Armando Lopez
3Bryson Davis51Samuel Burdette
4John Goins52Stuart Shirley
5Seth York53Caleb Burress
6Roy Prescott54Gregory Hyatte
7Jeffrey Cross55Preston Moore
8Dillon Case56Christian Eldridge
9Stoney Colbaugh58Konner Bishop
10Briley York59Hayden Presley
11Conner Miles60Caleb Coulter
12Kaleb Martin62Travis Richie
13Cole Ruehling63Warren Smith
14Dennis Sanders64Bencie Rasnake
15Warren Smith65Jackson Fisher
17Hunter Keltch66Wesley Travis
18Andrew Massengale68Jalen Fisher
19Hayden Price70Jaylee Elsea
20Jacob Hall71Brody Wilkey
21Braydon Brown72Justin Woody
22Luxon Harrison74Tobi Dillard
23Logan Tankersley75Jason Holloway
25Ian Harris76Dante Sales
26Eli Griffin77Gabriel Stamps
28Bryson Keist78Alex Santiago
29Jacob Manzano79Hunter Stinnett
30Jose Hernandez80Ethan Williams
31Triston Gurley81Rosey Lopez
32James Blackburn83Will Travis
33William Newman
35Richard Scott
38Zachary Allen
42Xavier Roddy
44Harold Nelson
45Kyle Yaudes
47Derrick Coleman



Spring City Middle Roster:

2017 Spring City RosterGradeJersey #
Michael Brown71
Jadden Pankey82
Austin Brackett83
Cade Cook85
Trent Edwards76
Luke Parker67
Chandler Kidd78
Landry Jolley89
Jaxon Reed611
Garrett Ramsey812
Jaxson Hickman713
Kadin Reece614
Hunter Crowe615
Kenneth Hackler817
Chris Gornick619
Cameron Ariks621
Kade Houston622
Sir Alloway823
Jackson Kelly826
JR Wilson728
Taylor Walker632
Dylan Pugh733
Hunter Lynn835
Carson Fisher636
Chase Edwards838
Caleb O’Dell743
Steven Bradley844
Aiden Dunn646
Grayson Morlock649
Braden Edwards851
Adler Finley652
Camden Fugate855
Tug Baldassaro657
Jayden Woods758
Trey Orick759
Garrett Hunter Lemons862
Drew Fisher863
Tyler Lynn666
Colton Teffer868
Caden Wicks871
Will Combs773
Luke Price674
Austin Curtwright875
Andrew Skipper877
Trey Bennett778
Ashton Wolfe879
Brad Haustman881
Jeremy Easter886
Austin Hale799
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