Rhea County Finance Committee Weekly Update


Rhea County Finance Committee

Dayton, TN – Wednesday, September 25, 2013
The Rhea County Finance Committee held their weekly meeting this morning with Bill Hollin, vice-chair of the committee, presiding. The committee is made up of county commissioners Ronnie Raper, Doyle Montgomery, Tom Smith, Bill Hollin, County Executive George Thacker, School Board Superintendent Jerry Levengood, and Road Supervisor Tommy Snyder. The committee carried out routine business today such as approving overtime hours for county employees and reviewing county employee accidents in order to be submitted to the county insurance.

County Employee Supplemental Insurance Provider

rhea-govActing chair, Bill Hollin, recognized Tim Sharp to address the committee. An independent insurance agent here in Rhea County, Tim Sharp, asked the commission to keep him as their Aflac Insurance Agent. When asked by the committee why he was on notice to be removed as the sole provider of Aflac to the Rhea County government employees, Sharp deferred to Aflac District Sales Coordinator, Scottie Hays, who was also in attendance. Mrs. Hays addressed the body stating that the decision was no reflection upon Sharp, but the company preferred the account be placed upon an agent who only offered Aflac. As an independent insurance agent Sharp provides several products from several insurance companies.

County Executive George Thacker asked Amy Dye Fox, of Rhea County Finance – Human Resources, how she felt about keeping Sharp as the county’s Aflac provider. Mrs. Fox recommended keeping Sharp due to his good track record over the years and his familiarity in working with the Rhea County Finance Department. Mrs. Fox’s recommendation was well taken and followed by a unanimous roll call vote keeping Sharp as the county’s sole Aflac provider. The Aflac product offered to Rhea County government employees and the Rhea County school system is an optional supplemental insurance.

Choosing a new Finance Director

The next order of business was to begin the process of choosing a new Finance Director to fill the vacancy left by Billy Graham, former Rhea County Finance Director, who resigned earlier this year. The deadline for accepting applications for the position was August 28th. The finance committee has received a total of 17 applications for the position. Linda Edington, interim Finance Director, who trained the last two directors is also applying for the position. The committee officially began the process to determine the next director today by opening all applications. The applications will be reviewed and narrowed down to 5-7 applicants who meet the committee’s criteria. Since the director will work intimately with all areas of Rhea County government, the finance committee wants all governing bodies to have an input in the decision. All county commissioners as well as school board members will be included in the decision which ultimately belongs to the finance committee.

Bill Hollin, vice-chair of finance committee, announced that he will be joining hundreds of state and local officials, business leaders and economic developers next week in Nashville. The event will be held October 3-4 and is the TN ECD 60th Annual Governor’s Conference at Music City Center.

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