Rhea County High Graduate Warner Is Perfect

Destiny Warner poses with her diploma at Rhea County High School Graduation recently. Destiny was perfect in her thirteen years of attending school in Rhea County.,(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Destiny Warner completes school with 13 years perfect attendance

May 2018

Evensville, TN —  Rhea County High School Graduate Destiny Warner completed school from kindergarten to high school with perfect attendance, a fantastic feat that took thirteen years to complete.  Many times students achieve perfect attendance in a year and many bring home perfect attendance for multiple years, but Destiny was a perfect as you can be with twelve years of attendance in school and another year in kindergarten.

Destiny went to Rhea County Elementary from first grade to seventh before she was part of the move that turned the old Rhea County High School into Rhea County Middle School. Destiny attended Rhea schools for 13 years.

Asked about how she managed to get such a good start on perfect attendance, Destiny said, “My mom never forgot to take me to school when I was young, and from what I can recall there was never anything huge that almost stopped me from going any day that I had to.  We were very careful about it.”

Were there times when you almost broke the streak?

Destiny said, “There were times I got close to being real sick, but I always took medicine and ate well to push it off from getting worse.”

The day I talked with Destiny, she was on her way to Chattanooga State, where she will be attending for the first two years before transferring to four year university.

Destiny said, ” After spending so many years in school, I want to major in Secondary Education.”

Were there times toward the end of the streak that you felt pressure to keep the perfect attendance intact?

“There were moments where I felt like it was getting harder and harder to keep it up. Having such perfect attendance became a characteristic that everyone seemed to know me by,as well so I felt that if I slipped up I would be disappointing a lot of people, but really I was more scared about disappointing myself.  I kept reminding myself I had made it this far.  I had made it this many years. What’s a few more weeks, a few more days?  I did feel pressured at times, but I never stopped believing I could do it.”

Are you hoping to have perfect attendance at Chattanooga State?

“Absolutely. It would be amazing to continue the streak as long as I could, but what my attendance really did for me was never allow me to fall behind. Being at Chattanooga State every day for class just like high school would help me with my studies immensely, and that is incredibly important to me.”


Destiny Warner
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