Rhea County Cross Country Runs at State

Micah Black and Kenzie Freeman finish 3rd and 7th at Regions and move on to the State Tournament in Nashville. The Rhea County Cross Country Girls team is shown here before the XC run earlier this season. Left to right: Micah Black, Amber Rogers, Lena Miller, Kristin Simmons, Kiley Green and Kenzie Freeman.(Photo:Gary Bolden/RheaReview)

Micah Black and Kenzie Freeman finish season in Nashville

November 1, 2014

Nashville, TN — Rhea County Cross Country had two runners compete in State Meet in Nashville on Saturday.  Though Micah Black and Kenzie Freeman did not run their best times and finished down the standings, they still finished 7th and 9th out of the Lady Eagle’s region and both were in the top 100 out of 186 runners.  It was still  a great year of Rhea County Cross Country.

“I am extremely proud of Micah Black and Kenzie Freeman for making it to the State Meet. They accomplished something that few people ever do,”  said Coach Steffan Holder.

“Micah had a rough day by her standards. She ran almost a minute slower than her slowest time this year but was suffering from a nasty virus.  It had been hot all week in practice.  In fact, she had one of her best weeks of practice this season.  However, the bug hit Micah two days before the race and the big drop in temperature on Saturday, made it hard for her to catch her breath.  She did a great job to stay in the top 100 of the race and to actually run only a minute slower.  I reminded her that a runner of her caliber would have plenty more chances.  She is more determined than ever to get back to the State next year to show what she can really do.”

“Kenzie was quite naturally nervous before the race and it showed in the first mile as she got out to a slower start than normal. However, she recovered nicely and worked her way through the field to finish in the top 100. It is sometimes hard to remember that even though she may be a senior, she was really a freshman when it comes to running. Kenzie came in ranked 127th in the race so she did well. She was not pleased with her place or time but that is the competitor in her. I just wish she had run all 4 years for the Lady Eagles. I am very happy she is going to be on the track team. I have already had some inquiries from colleges about her.​”

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