Rhea County Bowling teams looking for home lane advantage

The Rhea County Lady Eagle bowling team will face an elimination game on December 18th to advance to district at Crystal Lanes in January.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Rhea County is hosting District Tournament on January 4th

December 2017

Dayton, TN —   The Rhea County Lady Eagles Bowling team will be playing McMinn County Lady Cherokees at Crystal Springs Bowling Lanes on December 18th at 3:45 pm.

Rhea County wins gets them back home on January 4th in District Tournament at Crystal Lanes.  Then #1 Walker Valley plays the winner of elimination match between Rhea County and McMinn County and# 2 East Hamilton plays #3 Bradley Central.

In boys’ district play, there will be 2 elimination games.  The #3 plays #6 and the # 4 seed plays the # 5 seed.  Matches scheduled at the higher seed house winner of #3 vs. # 6 will face # 2 Rhea County.  The winner of # 4 vs. # 5 will face Walker Valley.

The Rhea County Lady Eagles finished as #4 seed out of 5 teams and the Eagles finished as # 2 seed out of 6 six teams.  Lady Eagles finished the season at  8-5 and Eagles finished season at 9-5.  Eagles finished 6-2 in district play and Lady Eagles finished 3-5 in district play.

District times on January 4th are Girls 8:00 a.m. Boys: 10:30 a.m..  Championship game will be at 1:00 pm.

At end of regular season, Phillip and Timothy Rogers lead all scorers with 205 and 191.22 averages.  Team average is 161.10.  For Lady Eagles it is Baylee Shipley and Millie Shadden lead the way with 195.69 and 178.02 averages.

Regular season Eagles averages:

BowlerPointsGamesSeason Average
Phillip Rogers780138205
Timothy Rogers727838191.22
Aaron Cates532332166.34
Gabe Clark629238165.57
Tanner Gaither599537162.02
Josh Coleman414533125.6


Lady Eagles regular season averages:

BowlerPointsGamesSeason Average
Baylee Shipley645833195.69
Millie Shadden605334178.02
Emily Jackson499039127.94
Kate Wood444938117.07
Tori Kaylor347434102.17
Kaitklyn MacKbee345134101.5
Maddie Robinson110311100.27


Girls Seeding:

#1 Walker Valley

#2 East Hamilton

#3 Bradley Central.

# 4 Rhea County

# 5 McMinn County

Boys Seeding:

#1 Walker Valley

#2 Rhea County

#3 McMinn County

#4 East Hamilton

# 5 Bradley Central

#6 Chattanooga Central


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