Rhea County Baseball Alumni Game looking for players

In 2017, fans were treated to fantastic Alumni game and we are hoping for another great game this year. (Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Looking for former Rhea County High School baseball players for 2018 game

February 2018

Evensville, TN — The Rhea County Baseball Alumni game is recruiting players for the game scheduled on March 9, 2018.  Monday, February 19th is the deadline for signing up for this year’s event.  Anyone interested in playing need to call Steven Kinney at 423-827-5456 to sign up through Paypal.  Still in need of players, so don’t wait too late to sign up.

Last year Rhea County had the 2017 Alumni game and participation and attendance was excellent.  The final score was 3-2 with the even numbered graduation classes besting the odd numbered graduation classes but that was just secondary in importance to the opportunity for alumni to come together and meet former players from all the way back in 1975.  Thirty six players signed up to play but there were some last minute changes, but there were plenty of players to field two full teams.

Roster for Alumni game:

Aaron Revis 1986
Brad Hamby 2008
Brandon Ray 2003
Brian Derlak 1988
Brian Hamby 2004
Chad Hoffman 1995
Doug Beard 1982
Garrett Swafford 2016
Hunter McClendon 2013
Jace Cochran 2004
Jack Castelow 1975
Garion Fine 2011
Jake Shaver 2001
Jamaal Greene 2001
Jamie Caraway 1999
Jeff Douglas 1994
Jeremy Fitzgerald 1994
Jody Dodson 1996
Marcus Dotson 2001
Matt Riggs 2001
Michael Walters 2003
Michael Fitzgerald 2002
Nic Gunter 2002
Paul Woodard 2003
Phil Pass 1993
Steven Kinney 2000
Travis Aikman 2016

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