Rhea County Academy holds Core Academy of Science Open House

Kaylen takes a look through the microscope at the Open House for the Dayton Core Academy of Science located on the campus of Rhea County Academy. Not only the science building but also the two new classrooms were open on Fridaynight.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

New classrooms and Core Academy of Science building open for community to visit


October 20, 2017

Dayton, TN —  Rhea County Academy held a grand opening on Friday night, for the Core Academy of Science building located at the RCA campus.  Also on display were two new classrooms that were added at same time as the Core Academy of Science.  There were several displays of microscopes, rock samples, large book collection and other scientific projects for visitors to see on their visit.

The Core Academy of Science is an organization that and helps educate on understanding how science and faith are not opposed but work together in unity. The program has been housed at Bryan College for the last four years and was looking for a larger area for their offices and library of books. The Academy has over 4000 books on premises. The Core Academy of Science is a resource to Christians and home school children. Dr. Todd Wood is over the program.

The two new classrooms were home rooms for Joseph Starkey and Carrie Thompson.  Both were very happy with their new classrooms which were very spacious.  Both teachers had decorated the new classrooms.  Joseph teaches history based classes and Carrie teaches English core classes.  The classrooms are also used for other subjects which include Spanish and Math.

Carrie Thompson in her classroom
Joseph Starkey in his classroom

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