Rhea Central wins Rhea Youth Basketball Tournament

The Rhea Central Elementary youth basketball won the post season tournament for the youth basketball league 2nd-3rd grade division at Rhea County High School this year.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Rhea Central Youth Basketball teams wins 2nd-3rd grade post season tournament

February 2018

Evensville, TN —  The Rhea Central team won the 2nd-3rd grade post season tournament in the school team youth basketball league held at Rhea County High School on Monday night.   Finishing second in the tournament was the Frazier team.   The 4th-5th grade tournament was held on Thursday.

The league went for about two months. There were eight 2nd/3rd grade teams participating this year.  71 coaches and players were in the 2nd-3rd grade league this year.  The teams are associated with local elementary schools such as Frazier, Dayton City School, Graysville, and Spring City.   Assistant Lady Eagle Basketball coach Keila Formont was league director and Daniel Curtis the Rhea County Boys basketball coach was also helping with league administration.  Most of the refs were Rhea County players, with one or two basketball coaches in the mix.

Rhea Central Elementary, winners of 2nd-3rd grade youth basketball tournament 2018.
Frazier youth basketball team, runners-up for youth basketball championship in tournament in 2nd-3rd grade division.

Second/Third Grade Rosters:

Mack ChattinHunter Gore
Gavin MillerAndy Nelson
Chayce-Alan SmithCaiden Groce
Marley JanowAce Lewallen
Christian BerrySierra Pritchett
Jacks GurleyElla Hicks
Bella PeavyhouseJayden Fitzgerald
Asher Peppers
Coach: Bill Chattin Coach: Jeremy Fitzgerald 

Second/Third Grade Rosters:

Rhea CentralDayton City
Jake SummersMason Grimes
Abigayle KellyJosephine Cannon
Aliiah PartonLeland Hickman
Lyla DayDarcy Kelly
Heath HamillJayden Westendorf
Reese PendergrassSophia Ramirez
Haden Stewart
Coach: Jason Pendergrass/Tim Stewart Coach: Johnny Cannon 

Second/Third Grade Rosters:

Yellow JacketsSpring City
Ansley BreedingRaylee Fuller
Loralye WoodenMackenzie Holloway
Landree BrownDawayne Rackley
Alijah BaxterWilliam Baldwin
Brycen LeviKenneth Langford
Lilleigh LaneWyatt Stewart
Jake BaxterMadison Neal
Marilee Stewart
Jeremiah Hillis
Coach: Bryson Bayles/Spencer Robinson Coach: Hannah Dye

Second/Third Grade Rosters:

Bulldogs Sweatbees
Anna CashChristofer Ramirez-Cruz
Mason ClawsonLilly Love
Owen SuttonLogan Edwards
Gracie TiptonShyah Dunigan
Dillan DomianoTrinity Holloway
Aiden DavisLiberty Raymer
Elaine TallentAdrianna Maldanado
Liberty Swafford
Kayden Arnoldt
Bryson Arnoldt
Coach: Michael TiptonCoach: Tiffany Love
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