Rebels Survive Another Thriller, End Eagles’ 2017 Season

Eagles' leading rusher Christian Simon (#22) follows Peyton Dugger (#47) into Rebel's secondary. (GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Words are hard to come by following a loss like this. After months of intense workouts, late nights at practice, and a season that saw more ups and downs than any Six Flags rollercoaster, 2017 has come to a close for the Golden Eagles.

In this first round playoff matchup, which was labeled by many as the “most intriguing” across the board in 5A due to how similar these two teams had been playing, the momentum shifted back and forth all night long.

Not even the rain delay could calm down the defensive slug-fest that manifested itself on Bill Horton Field.

It was a hard fought game from both teams, and it was a shame that someone had to lose it. Each side put the highest level of effort into their performances, but it all came down to which team could make the least mistakes.

Unfortunately, it was not Rhea County.

Credit these players, especially this great group of seniors, who came in to this game and battled until the very end and gave Eagle Nation a team to be proud of on and off the field.

The Eagles close the season with a 5-6 record, a runner-up finish in Region 4-5A, and a special place in the hearts of Eagle fans young and old.

For the seniors, we are saddened to see your final game in the green and gold, but, to us, you will always be Rhea County Eagles.

To the rest of the team who will return in 2018, it will be your turn to lead next season. Build off of what these seniors and seniors before them have worked so hard to build and continue giving your all for your brothers in green and gold.

Wings up, Rhea County! Even though the 2017 team has taken their final flight, there are great things in store for the future. Go Eagles!

2017 Seniors:

#22 Christian Simon
#27 A.J. Velasco
#6 Reece Cooley
#59 Ty Goodwin
#68 Logan Sullivan
#32 Jose Marquez
#44 Jay Graham
#4 Jaden Austin
#8 Gavin Stewart
#26 Will Massingale
#72 Tyler Shelton
#88 Jared Kamer
#25 Brandon Hunt
#79 Will Boles
#30 Doug White
#41 Chase Suttles
#47 Mason Reynolds
#84 Bradley Evans
#82 Brett Lloyd
#95 Peyton Clark
#62 Zach Swafford

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