RCHS Eagles battle it out with Spartans


RCHS Eagles brought the battle to White County but ultimately fell short against a tough White County team.

Friday, January 24, 2014


I thought they were very focused. This team is tough. We are very close to being a dangerous team.

Coach Mike Phillips – Rhea County Golden Eagles


Despite winning 70-31 earlier in the season, White County found themselves in a battle tonight.  The 13-4 Spartans jumped up on Rhea County early finishing the 1st quarter with a 12-7 lead.  Picking up where they left off in the 1st quarter, the Spartans went on an 8-1 run to start the second.

Logan Hunter ended the drought for Rhea County with a much needed 3 pointer with 1:30 remaining in the half.  A steal by Rhea County’s Dimitrius Patterson is quickly converted into an easy score.  The rally is continued by Noel Patterson with another steal resulting in a 1-1 trip to the line.  The rally brings Rhea County within 6 points at the half, 22-16.

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Coach Phillips must have sharpened their claws at halftime.  The Eagles come out with a tenacious defense creating chaos for the Spartans.  Dimitrius Patterson drew first blood in the second half with a 3 from behind the arc.  Noel Patterson begins a flurry of steals resulting in lay-ups plus one a the line.

After a tied game at 24 all, White County sinks a 3 pointer on two consecutive possessions edging ahead to a 36-32 advantage.  Lee Hill closes the 3rd quarter for the Eagles with a clean blocked shot against the wall.

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Spartans begin the 4th with 3 pointer from Croslaud.  Logan Hunter answers with his 2nd 3 of the night for Rhea County.  White County finds themselves with a 9 point lead and begins to burn every second they can off the clock.  Advantage White County as the time runs out, 59-41.

Golden Eagle Coach Mike Phillips says, “I thought they were very focused.  This team is tough.  We are very close to being a dangerous team.”  Coach Phillips continues by saying, “If we are a 6th seed team in the district tourney…  I wouldn’t want to be the 3rd seed team facing us.”

Rhea County will have only one day to rest and will have a short practice on Sunday to prepare for Monday’s district match-up with Cookeville.
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Golden Eagle Scoring

  • Noel Patterson – 16 points
  • Dimitrius Patterson – 11 points
  • Logan Hunter – 6 points
  • Lee Hill – 4 points
  • Bryan Harrison – 3 points
  • Keith Hall – 1 point

Game Photos

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Game photos by Gary Bolden

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