Power-lifter Josh Rodda set to complete in Arnold in March

Josh Rodda, is training for the "Arnold" with less than 2 months remaining until the competition.(Photo:GaryBolden/Rhea Review)

Rodda qualified for event with finish in Braggin Rights Meet in summer

January 2018

Dayton, TN —  Josh Rodda continues to train in preparation for the upcoming event at the Arnold in Columbus Ohio at the Convention Center March 1st through 4th, 2018.  The Arnold is the biggest sports festival in the world.  Josh qualified for the Arnold thanks to his finish in the Iron Mafia RPC Braggin Rights event in Paducah, Kentucky back in August.  Josh fulfilled a goal of hitting 2000 pounds in the squat-bench-dead-lift.  At the Braggin Rights Meet, Josh hit 749.5 in squat, 523.6 in the bench and 727.5 to push Josh over the 2000 pound mark with 2000.6 pounds.  His finish also qualified Josh for competing in the Arnold.

The August event was special for Josh as 25 friends and family made the trip to Paducah to see Rodda make the goal and qualify to go to the Arnold.  In Paduchah, Josh had the opportunity to lift with Tee Cummings, an idol of his.

The power lifting journey began for Josh eight years ago when Mario Alday, a friend who stayed in weight lifting after high school invited Josh to get into weight lifting.  Josh began big time lifting and continued on his track to his goal.

Three years ago, Josh moved up to power lifting and began training with Dan Arena at the Grit House in Cleveland, Tennessee.  After around 8 months of training, Josh competed in his first power lifting event and he totaled.

“We really found a gold mine when I began working out at the Grit House in Cleveland, Tennessee.  He forged a relationship with a tremendous coach, Dan Arena while at the Grit House.  He helped me prepare for my first powerlifting meet after about 8 weeks of training and I hit 1665 pounds in the squat-bench-deadlift event.”

Josh Said, “He(Dan Arena) had a lot of fixing to do on my form in the squat and deadlift.”

After 8 months of training, Josh increased his totals to 1934 pounds and then another eight months later, Josh worked hard to improve his totals to over 2000 pounds for the Braggin Rights meet.

Josh has been doing off season workouts, working on reps and getting ready to begin pushing the weights as the Arnold is only 8 weeks away.  He is looking forward to competing

Josh makes no bones about his faith.  With a Philippians 4:13 tatoo to show his comittment to his faith.  ” I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”

Josh credits his faith, his trainers and his wife for helping get him ready to compete.

After the Braggin Rights Event.  Josh Rodda said, “Today I showed my son that when you set a goal and sacrifice and surround yourself with the right people you can accomplish anything!”

“I just totaled 2000.6 and qualified for the Arnold as a PRO! And won my weight class in open (any age) and my age group.”

Josh said, I was so excited to see 25 people drive 5 hours to watch a friend compete.

“I was so nervous the day of the competition that I couldn’t eat.

Josh will fly out on March 1st, before beginning competition on Friday, March 3rd in the afternoon.

In his latest interview(at RC3 last week), Josh talked about his preparation for the upcoming Arnold.

“I am looking forward to being on the same stage with Eric Lilliebridge, a big idol of mine.”

“I feel less nervous about this upcoming meet the the Braggin Rights event back in summer.”

“I am not putting an extra pressure on myself.  I want to compete and well.  Just being on the stage with these giants in the field is a dream come true.”

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