Photo Gallery: Duck Seasons I Have Known

Many of my photos were snapped long before the digital age. The scans I have are very low resolution. Most important of this collage is the black & white image of Fred Moudy on what was likely one of my very first duck hunts. I was 15 years old - not even driving yet - Fred was my duck hunting chauffeur and mentor. I have often thanked Fred for starting me down the waterfowling path - although sometimes I've felt like maybe I should have kicked his butt instead. (Photo: Richard Simms)

This season marks the 48th duck season since the first time I ever pulled the trigger on a mallard (or any other duck). That’s a lot of gunpowder, 4 am alarms, frozen feet, cold hands and hot coffee. But more than everything else, it’s a lot of memories with a lot of good people.

I could tell enough stories to fill up the Internet. But most probably mean more to me than you. Perhaps, however, you would like to look at just a few of those memories. As I grow older, I also grow more nostalgic. Heading into the final weekend of the 2017-2018 duck season, I began to peruse the 20 gigabytes of duck hunting jpg’s on my computer, taking a walk down memory lane.

I grew up with parents who were big on photographs. I inherited the picture-taking gene. Hence I am fortunate to have pictures of those days gone by – long, long before everyone had an iPhone in their pocket. There are not as many pictures as I’d like, especially from the early years. But please join me in the Image Gallery if you like. And please read the captions as each one tells a story, for me anyway.

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