Leah O’Neill is Dayton Chamber Businesswoman of the Year

Leah Michelle O'Neill, winner of the Dayton Businesswoman of the Year Award is owner of Paint the Town Pottery in Gifts in downtown Dayton.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Owner of Paint the Town Pottery and Gifts received 2018 award

March 2018

Dayton, TN —  Leah Mishelle O’Neil the owner of Paint the Town Pottery was selected recently as 2017-18 “Dayton Chamber Businesswoman of the Year”.  The award was presented at the 2018 Chamber Annual Banquet.  Leah was not on hand for the award presentation but when notified, she was extremely appreciative of the honor.

Leah became the owner of Paint the Town in August 2017 and Paint the Town Pottery and Gifts has undergone a transformation since Leah bought the business.  Leah moved to Dayton in 2012 and she has really become a integral part of the community.  During her time in Rhea County, she had volunteered for several non-profit organizations, including United Way, Wigs for Kids, American Cancer Society and the Care Center.  Leah has done a lot of craft type works in Rhea County and began face painting around three years ago.  She has really found her niche at Paint the Town Pottery.  You can tell she has a special connection working with children.  Many times you can see Leah in her Princess Costume, which affords her an opportunity to tap into the imagination of young children.

Leah credits her husband Mike with encouraging her in her business and in life.  She also credits her workers at the Store and other friends as those who have made the store a success.  Her twin daughters Emily and Elizabeth, who are four years old, and Leahs give s them credit for giving her inspiration and encouragement to help people to bring out their imagination.

Leah also credits her family for their encouragement at a young age to be creative.  Leah has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from University of North Carolina Charlotte.  She taught at art school and has a wonderful singing voice.  She took singing lessons from Dan Truhitte , who played Rolfe Gruber in the “Sound of Music”.  Leah has also an extensive background in theater being involved in around 150 different productions, either on stage or behind the scenes.

Leah is always looking for new ideas to promote not only her business but way to bring out the creative ability in those in Rhea County.  You cannot help but like this friendly and caring woman who is making a difference in her community.

Upon being informed she had won the award, Leah said, “I would like to give credit where credit is due to the individuals who work with me day to day to make Paint the Town Pottery and Gifts an amazing place.   Jacob O’Neill, Richard DeArk, Marlese Montgomery, Tootie Moreno Alisha Knotts, Karan Hart, Tara and Carrie, Autumn Reynolds, Belle and my wonderful husband and three kids. So many people, have helped to make our store special but these individuals work everyday with us!”

Interview with Leah:

Dan Truhitte , who played Rolfe Gruber in the “Sound of Music”.

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