Kinlee Patton wins Petite Tiny Miss United States

Kinlee Patton, age 4, from Dayton won National pageant recently. Kinlee has been competing since 19 months and has won all but 3 of her pageants, an amazing statistic.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Kinlee, age 4 also wins national best personality

August 5, 2017

Sevieville, TN — Kinlee Patton, age 4, won Petite Tiny Miss United States in pageant at Amerifest Nationals in Sevierville, TN.  She also won national best personality and national centerfold model. Kinlee also holds the title of 2017 Wee Miss Tennessee. She has been competing in pageant since she was around 19 months old. Kinlee has placed first in all but 3 of over 40 pageants she had participated in.

Kinlee is the daughter of Stephen and Ashley Patton of Dayton.  Ashley put Kinlee in her first pageant after friends keep asking her to put her in the Shake the Lake Firecracker pageant in Spring City back in 2014.  Kinlee won and the rest is history.  Recently she not only won the National Tournament in Sevierville but also the State Pageant in Knoxville that qualified her to attend.  She had won another qualifier pageant in Tullahoma back in April to qualify for the state pageant.  This little girl and her family has been busy over the last two plus years since that first Miss Firecracker Pageant.

So with all the reality shows and bad press the pageant circuit gets, it was good to see a well adjusted family that has a very beautiful young girl who has quite the personality.   I meet with Ashley and Kinlee and did short interview with Kinlee, which went great.  She answered every question quickly and concisely.  She even took time to do a cheer she learned at cheer camp.

Kinlee said, “My favorite food in macaroni and cheese”

“I have a boyfriend Chase, who is three.  We meet at the beach.”

“I like to watch Sophia on television.”

“My favorite princess is Rapunzel”

Check out the full Kinlee Patton interview below:





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