Josh Parson finishes 2nd in 60 meters at NAIA Nationals

Josh Parson the former Rhea County Track Athlete, running for Tennessee Wesleyan College in the NAIA Nationals got the overall win in the prelims, crossing the finish line in 6.68 seconds in the 60 meter dash.(Photo:JoshParson)

Josh sets personal best 6.68 in prelims and gets 2nd in finals

March 2018

Pittsburg, KS — Former Rhea County Track Athlete and present Tennessee Wesleyan Track athlete, Senior Josh Parson picked up a second place finish at the NAIA Nationals in Pittsburg, Kansas recently.  Josh got the overall win in the prelims, crossing the finish line in 6.68 seconds in the 60 meter dash, a time which not only broke his school record but set a new indoor national championship meet record.  Regretfully, Josh was accessed a false start in the 200 meter and was not able to compete in finals.  Josh had a very good chance for top three finish in the 200 meter dash.

Josh Parson said, “I loved the facility and the meet this year.  Great competition this year.”

“At one point, I feel like I failed when I false started.  But a champions character is not defined by winning but when he fails.  I came back the next day and felt redeemed with my second place finish in the 60 meter.”

Josh will be back in action soon as Tennessee Wesleyan travels to Atlanta Georgia for Meet at Emory University on March 23rd and 24th.

“I feel good, this year going into the outdoor season.  I am healthy this year.”

“Every goal I set, I hit this year time wise in the indoors.  I expect to do the same in the indoors.”

Josh will be running the 100 meter, 200 meter and 4 X 100 this year for Tennessee Wesleyan.

Josh was recently volunteered at the Special Athletic Games in Rhea County.

Josh said, “It was very rewarding experience.  I just loved the look of excitement on the kids faces as they received their medals.”

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