Highland games Athlete and wife reaching for Unreachables

Shay Moon here gets ready to toss a sheaf over the crossbar, one of the more unusual athletics endeavors. Shay is Highland games athlete, who with his wife is looking for those unreachables out here, to let them know God still wants them.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Shay and Misty Moon looking more more than athletic wins

October 16, 2017

Chattanooga, TN — Shay Moon a Highland Games athlete and his wife are new to the Scottish games but are looking to reach the community with their athletic competitions and with other ministries they are involved in. Shay and Misty are newly involved in a new ministry called Unreachables, which looks to reach out to those who fall outside of the standard church type person. They are looking to meet those who some consider unreachable. They both have their own personal background with addiction and hard living. Now that they have found their way back to God, they are working to help others with similar background and situation to know that God still cares and wants them back.

They have several different ministries that they are involved in. Misty does blogging and facebook posting in a Mcubed ministry that is blogging about everyday Christian living how to handle those everyday problems. One important aspect of the ministry is to let people know they are not alone and that they are not the only ones dealing with those kind of problems. Misty also has written ministry workbooks and is working on a christian book.

Misty and Shay meet 14 years ago, when both were not only away from God but were living life fast and dealing with addiction. Their journey back was not an overnight one but a four year journey that brought both degrees from UTC and as they matured, they realized the need for something more in their life and that was God. Misty and Shay have been married for 10 years and it was soon after marrying that they began to seek for God in their lives and their marriage.

They found a church that did not judge and welcomed them as equals and treated them with the love that Christ showed when he was in the world but not of the world. Misty and Shay are now very involved in that Church, in Hixson and are now looking to find others like themselves who may think it’s too late or they have gone too far away from God to return.

Shay has found new life also with the Highland games as a Scottish Heavy Athletic competitor. Shay is new to the sport with less than a year in experience. Just over a year ago, he was battling back problems but avoided surgery and with God’s help has recovered and now is able to do the heavy lifting necessary to compete in the Highland games.

The Highland games is a unique sport that began as way for troops to prepare for battling. There are some unusual competitions that involve throwing a large stone, a “hammer”, which is a weighted ball on the end of a rod, both square and round weights and a “caber”, which is a 18-32 foot long piece of lumber. Once of the more interesting events called “weight over beam”, involved throwing weights and weighted bags over a “Pole vault” like device and hoping it doesn’t come back down wrong. The thing that has really impressed Shay is the family atmosphere between competitors in the Highland games and the way the competitors lift each other up and form friendships.

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