“Hee Haw” Show Comes to Walden’s Ridge in October


6th Annual Show plays on 5 dates, beginning October 5, 2018

October 2018

Dayton, TN —  Walden’s Ridge Community Center will be presenting it’s Sixth Annual “Hee Haw” show beginning Friday, October 5th.  The show will play on October 5,6,12 and 18 at 7:00 pm est each night.  There will be a matinee performance on Sunday October 14 at 2:00 pm est.  Just a short drive up Highway 30 to the top of the mountain.

Do you remember the good old days of “Hee Haw” on Television.  Well the good old days are back for fans of “Hee Haw” or just good clean humor.  A group of talented artists from the area continues to entertain the area audiences with great fun.  Five different performances, so you can hopefully fit one of those into your busy schedule.   If you have lots of spare time, then come to all five.  Cost is only $10.00 and the money goes for improving the Walden’s Ridge Community Center buildings.

The Concession will be run by Kiuka Fire Department(without them these shows would not be possible).

Upcoming Events at Walden’s Ridge:

Youth Talent Show – December 8, 2018
Blues Night – November 2018 (watch for exact date)

Check below for details about skits and performers for “Hee Haw”.


Master of CeremoniesSINGERS
Mr. Ed Walker
HEE HAW BANDEddy Arnold…Billy Gaston
Steve Miller…Banjo/GuitarJohnny Cash…Ken Wilkey
Jap Miller…FiddleJune Carter Cash…Linda Hutsell
Trevor Linn…BassPatsy Cline…Brenda Morgan
Terry Futrell…Lead GuitarLittle Jimmy Dickens…Glen Leach
Don Holmes…Acoustic GuitarEmily Lou Harris…Helen Morgan
Ralph Miller…HarmonicaLoretta Lynn…Helen Morgan
Special Guest Star on Harmonica
George Thacker



Justice O’ PeaceWater Closet
Brenda Baxter, Billy Gaston, Mela Gina Gaston,Will Hutsell
Will Hutsell, Rob Littleton, Johnny Morgan     Special Salute to VETERANS
Gossip Girls (Washtub)Bill Davault & Cast Members
Brenda Baxter, Mela Gina Gaston, Linda Hutsell
Mississippi Squirrel
Where O’ WhereAll Cast Members
Rob Littleton, Johnny Morgan
‘Cryin Willie’
Gloom DespairBill Davault, Glen Leach
Bill Davault, Will Hutsell, Glen Leach, Rob Littleton
Empty Arms Hotel
Ironing BoardBrenda Baxter, Mela Gina Gaston, Will Hutsell, Missy Littleton, Ken Wilkey
Glen Leach, Missy Littleton
What’s For Supper
Cornfield Scene
Bill Davault & Cast Members
Bill Davault, Will Hutsell, Glen Leach, Rob Littleton


Cast MembersSpecial Thanks to:
Archie Campbell…Will HutsellDirector…Brenda Morgan
Bailiff…Johnny MorganStage Directors…Lillian Davault, Sue Wilkey, Bill Davault
Buck Owens…Ken WilkeySound…Dawn Sullivan
‘Cryin Willie’…GlenLeachLighting…Rob Scott
Gossip Girls…Brenda Baxter, Linda Hutsell, Mela Gina GastonSkit Props…Brenda Morgan, Bill Davault, Lillian Davault
Grandpa…Bill DavaultParking…Don Lyons
Ida Lee…Missy LittletonFlyers…Will Hutsell
Junior Samples…Rob LittletonPrograms/Tickets…Brenda Baxter
Lavern…Glen LeachTicket Sales/Door…Wanda Morgan, Darlene Smith
Lulu…Brenda Baxter
Roy Clark…Will Hutsell
Stringbean…Johnny Morgan
Extras…Billy Gaston, Mela Gina Gaston, Elaine Klosowski



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