HEALTH: Is Your Fire Alarm Going Off?


Article by Dr. Kevin Moore, TN Valley Clinic of Chiropractic

There’s a healthy person inside you that’s just dying to get out! Your pain and symptoms are a fire alarm going off. It’s so loud you can’t think straight.

But it’s not the alarm that’s the problem. It’s the fire. Those symptoms are just your body’s alarm system. Your body is working very hard to get well.

Some familiar examples of this are your immune system, elimination, liver, kidneys, even sleep is your body’s attempt to restore itself. Your body is letting you know that there’s a problem. Those are your symptoms.

There are all kinds of things available to shut the alarm off, but those things aren’t making you well are they? Do they restore your energy, your vitality, your optimism, your hope?

Or have you bought into the idea that its just a matter of WHEN you lose your health? Have you forgotten how you felt when you were young? Maybe you are young.

Have you forgotten how you felt before you started feeling bad? So what’s stopping you?

Ahh… That’s the question isn’t it?

We have the answer. It’s inside you.

Your creator put it there. it just needs to be let out. It’s not magic. It’s real. It’s based on the principles of physiology.

It’s not a quick fix or some gimmick. (Aren’t you tired of those?)

It’s a process, a direction. The farther you go down the wrong road, the farther you have to go to make it back to the right one. So let’s get going.

About Tennessee Valley Clinic of Chiropractic

Dr. Kevin Moore, TN Valley Chiropractic

Dr. Kevin Moore is a 1994 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, where he was also a member of the faculty for six years teaching chiropractic technique.

He is passionate about health and healing, and has completed extensive post graduate studies in the Gonstead chiropractic method, as well as nutrition and herbal medicine.

He received his certification in Gonstead chiropractic extremity management in 2012.  He’s been in private practice for over twenty three years, and has seen thousands of patients regarding a variety of health issues.

After practicing in Davenport, Iowa for 13 years, in October 2007 he moved his practice to Dayton. He and his wife, Dr. Victoria Moore, live in Dayton with their four children.

If you would like to learn more about chiropractic care at Tennessee Valley Clinic of Chiropractic, visit their website or call (423) 775-6688 today!


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