Graham and Riggs are Rhea County Wrestling senior leaders

Rhea County High School senior wrestlers Tristen Riggs and Jay Graham were recognized along with family before the final home match this year for the Rhea County High School Wrestling team on Thursday.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Jay Graham and Tristan Riggs provide leadership and dedication

January 2018

Evensville, TN —  Rhea County wrestled their final home match of the year on Thursday and came away with a win and took time before the match to honor their two seniors, Jay Graham and Tristen Riggs.  Both are co-captains for the team.   Jay Graham has finished with fourth and fifth place finish at state in the last two seasons and is unbeaten this year at 11-0.

Tristan was escorted onto mat by Shawn and Laura Riggs and Jay was escorted by Jeff and Lorrie Boggess.  Jay plans on attending Chattanooga State next year and concentrating in welding.  Tristan has enlisted in the United States Marine Corp and is member of the JROTC.  He will go into service on May 24, 2018.  Jay also played football at Rhea County and Tristan ran track and cross country.

Jay Graham & Lorrie Boggess
Shawn and Laura Riggs with Tristan Riggs.

Coach Ownbey was very emotional about these two young men who have led the program this year.

Coach Ownbey said, “As a Head Coach in any sport you always wonder what kind of leadership you will have from your team each year.  This year was not any different, I knew I had the potential to have some really good senior leadership, but like any coach you have to let it play out over the course of the year.  And with tonight’s match being senior night I think I can say I couldn’t be happier with our two senior co-captains and the year they have had so far.”

“The two seniors I am talking about are Jay Graham and Tristan Riggs.  Tristan has been wrestling for our program for four years now. He is a dedicated, tough, and disciplined young man.  I really am proud of how he worked this off season and has continued to work hard throughout the entire year.  He really has grown over the years, learned from mistakes and earned his successes on and off the mat.  He really has earned his status as co-captain for our wrestling team this year.  He has served Rhea County High wrestling well and I know he will continue that trend as he begins his enlistment into the Marine Corps. on the 24th of May.”

“Jay Graham. What can I say about Jay Graham?  One of the most decorated wrestlers in Rhea County High School history.  But that’s not even why he is one of the most respected young men around the area.  Everywhere we go, someone is always speaking highly of Jay Graham.  Anyone that knows Jay will tell you he is a respectful, kind, give you the shirt off his back type of person.  I can’t even begin to describe what this young man has been through in life.  And to see him walk across the mat tonight with his family, was a great moment for me to watch and be part of!  And if I know Jay he will continue to do what he has done the last few years. Which is work hard, compete at a high level, and lead our team as we head to the region tournament on Feb. 10th at McMinn High School.”


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