Former Eagle Rekoske Signs Pro Contract as Video Game Player

Carter Rekoske, a sixteen year old former Rhea County High School student and athlete is now living in California and playing professionally in a esport league.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Carter Rekoske Moves to California: Joins Clash Royale Pro Team

October 2018

Dayton, TN —  Carter Rekoske a sixteen year old former Rhea County High School basketball players returned home from California recently, where he and his professional teammates live and compete in Clash Royale.  Carter just finished his first nine week season and as his team NRG, did not make the playoffs, Carter had a chance to come home for a couple of months. As always it is great to share the accomplishments of those in the community.

A most interesting story of how a normal sixteen year old high school student begins playing a online game on his phone and over a two year period becomes good enough to become a professional player with lucrative contract and chance to win more money than most sixteen year old young man would every think possible.  Carter and his family has handled the transition well.

Carter’s mom Beth Rekoske said, “Carter is very mature and level headed for his age.  They have a very secure and monitored environment where he is staying in California.  He has found a good local church to attend.”

Carter had played board games, card games and video games growing up and always enjoyed strategy games.   He loved trying to make the move and use the best strategy to win games.

Carter said, “I started playing Clash Royale about two years ago.  The first couple of months, I was playing casually.  In the beginning, I was playing against people who were a lot higher level than me.  I was winning against those players.  I began playing in tournaments and did well in those.  I got picked up by small team that was just launching.  After joining that team I had the opportunity to play in online leagues and events and really enjoyed that.”

“As time went on I got picked up by bigger team.  I was playing every day after school or basketball. I eventually got a small contract for a few months.  I felt like I was proving that I was good at the game  and good enough to potentially make it.”

“When I found out about the Clash Royale league initially, I had a feeling that my parents were not going to let me move to L.A..  When I first told them they were very much against me and my dad laughed at me.”

“He did say that if I qualified for the combine in L.A. I could go.  I did qualify and the company that owned the game and the ran league, they paid for me and my dad to fly.”

“I finished second in my pool, which was a pretty big deal.  A couple of weeks later one of the teams messaged me and signed me.”

“The game is a real time strategy game and the closest game I can think of is chess, but it is more complicated than that.”

“The goal of the game is to take the other person’s tower down to zero.  You use troops, spells and buildings.  There are eight cards in the deck which you use to defend your tower and take their tower. You have about 100 tiles(50 on each side).   You have to be careful in placement  and which side of the map you put your stuff on and exactly where you place your troops for the best value.”

“I really miss being able to compete in basketball.  I facebook live with mom and dad every day and that helps.  I keep in touch with my friends via social media.”

After hearing Carter explain the game, I knew I had better stick to checkers.  But in essence Carter began playing the game only a few months after its release and is really good at the game.

Carter is in top ten win rate in the league of around ten players.  Carter is still learning the game and is looking to improve and learn from his mistakes.  Carter is the youngest player on the team but age range is from 16 to 22 years of age.  The game has a majority of younger players.  Carter has no firm knowledge of the future of the league and his involvement.  It has to be almost overwhelming for a young man that was just your normal everyday student at Rhea County High School working hard to earn playing time on his high school basketball team.

Carter could also earn money by having people follow Carter on Twitch.  People can subscribe to their favorite streamer.  All the money minus small portion for website goes to players.  In Fortnight, some of the top streamers makes a very lucrative income.  Though many players have exotic online names, Carter’s online name is Carter.

Carter’s playing partners on his team are from Rhode Island, Italy, and India.  His coach is from Valenzuela, but moved to Miami when he was young.  There are teams all over the world in the league, including India, China, Latin America, and Asia to name a few.

This is first season of the league and eventually, the playoffs will end with championships in Japan with a $1 million prize pool.  The owner of Clash Royale, Supercell has a $2 billiion revenue stream annually.  The championships are a full day event where the top team from each of the regions will compete against Japan’s top team until one is victorious and wins the Golden Crown Trophy.  44 teams participated in the clash royale league this season.

From the Esports Clash Royale website.  “The Clash Royale League is a tournament format that spans 9 weeks, developed and produced in order to showcase only the best competitiors in the game we all love: Clash Royale, spanning multiple regions, with studios across continents.  The goal of the CRL(Casino Royale League) is to put a spotlight on not only the game great, but on what makes you the audience and players so essential to the process.  Tune into the high octane action, beautiful productions, and intense storylines that develop each week over at the Clash Royale League.”

Check out Carter’s youtube video below.

Carter explains climbing the Clash Royale Ladder

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