Former Eagle Parson Signs Pro Contract with Uglow

Josh Parson has left behind his NAIA and college career as he begins new professional career in 2018 as he signed with Uglow, a Sports Clothing Company..(Photo:submitted)

Josh will finish education at TWC and spring into Professional Career

Athens, TN —  Former Rhea County and Tennessee Wesleyan University Track Star Josh Parson began his professional by signing contract with Uglow, a French company that has several different textile offerings.  Josh will be affiliated with the athletic sportswear division that markets products for running, cycling and lifestyle.  The company began marketing running products in 2011.

From the Uglow website:

Uglow is a French brand that develops authentic running products in its own factory since 2011. All of our expertise aims to bring a new sense of comfort and practicality to our customers. Our high-quality fabrics and state of the art assembly methods, allow for spectacular flexibility and durability. We have succeeded in channeling technologic-breakthroughs such as STITCH-FREE products using THERMO-bonding, ULTRASONIC bonding as well as Magnetic zipless pockets. ChaffingFREE, lightweight, and increased comfort are our core specialties and make-up the DNA of Uglow.

Parson was a four Time All-American Track Star Josh Parson, who completed his athletic career at Tennessee Wesleyan and now looks to finish his academic work next semester.  During his time at Tennessee Wesleyan Josh had several accomplishments, including:

Four Time All-American
2018 NAIA South Region Indoor Track Athlete of the Year
7x AAC Conference Champion
10x All Conference Athlete
2018 TWU Dwight Farmers Award Winner
2018 AAC Indoor Championships MVP

Josh has been training and working this summer as he looks forward to completing school and beginning his professional career.  Despite his accomplishments at Tennessee Wesleyan, Josh still feels like he should have done better and will be working hard to continue success in the professional arena.

Josh Parson

One lesson Josh learned in College was never to give up, when things don’t go well.  Josh is working hard this summer to prepare for his professional career.

Josh spoke about moving to next stage in career.

Josh said, “Competing at the Professional level is something I’ve always wanted to do.  Running for UGlow will make that dream come true.  I always said dreams can become reality with hard work and dedication. I will do whatever it takes to reach all my goals.  UGlow expects me to win and I am going to do just that.”

In December, Josh is on track to graduate from Tennessee Wesleyan with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.


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