Enjoy Independence Day 2018

Today we celebrate our Independence all around the Nation for 2018.(Photo;GaryBolden)

July 4th Celebration all round the US today

July 2018

Dayton, TN —  July 4th has been a holiday staple for many years and part of Americana here in the United States.  This day celebrates independence from Brittish rule back in 1776. The holiday is celebrated with family reunions, fireworks, flags, picnics, parades, baseball and cookouts.

There is dispute by historians on the actual day the Declaration of Independence was signed but regardless we have celebrated July 4th as the day and it just seems right.  Can’t imagine celebrating July 3rd and August 2nd.  On July 4th 1777 Philadelphia celebrated a typical July 4th event with speeches, prayers, music, parades, troop reviews, and fireworks.

New York City is acknowledged as having the  top Fireworks show in the nation.  Locally there will be fireworks shot in Athens, Soddy Lake and Cleveland.  Most begin at dark or around 9:30 pm.  No fireworks locally.  There will be fireworks on Saturday in Spring City at “Shake the Lake Event”.

July 4th is a day to honor active duty and retired military with discounts offered by businesses and restaurants around the area.  Personally, it would be a time to give thanks to those who are keeping us free and those who have done that in the past.

Many take this day as special day to decorate houses, businesses and graveyards with flags and other red, white and blue decorations.  Hopefully everyone will use commons sense and limit their sun exposure and hydrate on a very hot day.  Forecast is 93 degree high with 46 percent humidity.

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