Eagles beat Patriots in exciting Super Bowl 52

The Philedelphia Eagles won SuperBowl 52 by a 41-33 scores and Nick Foles won MVP for the game in a very exciting game on Sunday night.(Photo:RheaReview)

Late score by Zach Ertz gives Philadelphia lead

February 2018

Minneapolis, MN —  The underdog Philadelphia Eagles won 41-33 over the New England Patriots to win their first Super Bowl.  The offenses were on display in this one with 1,151 yards in total offense which obliterated the old record by over 200 yards.  Only one turnover in the game by New England and the forced fumble by Eagle defense was recovered by former University of Tennessee football player Vol Derek Barnett.  The Eagles drove down field after New England took the lead to score the touchdown for 38-32 lead.   With all the fuss about the catch rule, the referees were able to determine that Zach Ertz was a runner when he broke the plane of the end zone and as such the bobble was not a problem, once as a runner the ball broke the plane of the end zone.  Brady was not done and Patriots had a chance but the “Hail Mary” was not successful and Belichick and Brady fell to 5-3 in Super Bowls.

Tom Brady had a fantastic game but the Patriot defense did not.  Nick Foles was very successful, hitting on 28-43 passes with 373 yards, three touchdown passes and one touchdown reception and one Super Bowl MVP.  Not bad for a backup quarterback going against the super successful veteran Brady.  Brady was 28-48 for 505 yards and three touchdowns and one fumble as he tore up the Eagles defense.

There were several plays of interest in the game.  Two touchdowns by the Eagles had to be reviewed.  There were passes to both quarterbacks.  There was the 4th down touchdown by Philadelphia just before the half on a pass to Foles.  The feeling around the country reported by media was a lot of people pulling against the Patriots, but most media guys were picking the Patriots, who were going for their 6th Superbowl win under Belichick and Brady.  Unlike the early years of Super Bowl when many games were not close, lately the Superbowl has become not only an event, but excellent entertainment.  For just a short while, I just enjoyed the football game and did not have to ponder the other pregame protests that have lessened the appeal of the NFL.  Hopefully this problem can be addressed properly in the future, because the game is so much fun, from youth football all the way to the world’s biggest stage.

Scoring Summary

First Quarter:

Eagles field goal  – 7:58 –  3-0

Patriots field goal – 4:17 -3-3

Eagles touchdown- 2:34 – Foles to Jeffrey – 9-3

*extra point missed

Patriots miss field goal – 2:34 –

Second Quarter:

Patriots miss field goal – 14:13 –

Eagles touchdown Blount- 8:48 – 15-3

*Two point conversion missed

Patriots field goal – 7:27 –  15-6

Patriots interception at their 3 yard line – 5:09 – Harmon

Patriots touchdown on James White run – 2:04 – 15-12

*extra point no good

Eagles touchdown Trey Burton to Foles – 0:38 –  22-12

Touchdown ocurred on 4th down play

extra point good

Third Quarter:

Patriots touchdown Brady to Gronkowski – 12:15 – 22-19

Extra point good

Touchdown from Foles to Clement – 7:18 –  29-19

Withstands review

Extra point good

Patriots touchdown Brady to Hogan – 3:23 –  29-26

Extra point good

4th quarter

Eagles Field goal – 14:12 – 2-26

Patriots touchdown 9:22 – Brady to Gronkowski 33-32

Extra point good

Eagles make 4th down conversion – 5:33

Eagles touchdown Foles to Ertz 2:33 38-33

Extra point no good

Eagles force fumble 2:12 Derek Barnett recovers

Eagles field goal 1:07 41-33






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