Drury Outdoors is Giving Away the Farm

In a unique promotion geared to popularize their mobile app, Drury Outdoors is giving away a 60-acre farm in Missouri. (Photo courtesy Drury Outdoors)

I rarely take part in promotional giveaways. Typically there is an absolute minuscule chance of winning and in return for entering, you end up on an e-mail list or snail mail list, receiving all sorts of junk you don’t want to deal with. It is rarely, if ever, worth the opportunity of winning. And I almost NEVER share news of such giveaways with readers. I don’t want to be blamed for being part of the aforementioned problems.

HOWEVER, I am making an exception now. This giveaway is interesting and unique enough to inspire me (A) to enter and, (B) to share with you.

After 30 years in the business, Drury Outdoors is saying “Thank you!” to their viewers in a major way. The Drury team recently announced the Drury Outdoors Farm Giveaway. That’s right, THEY’RE GIVING AWAY A 60-ACRE FARM!

The farm is in Northern Missouri. They say they have planted food plots for deer, identified stand locations, and plan to hand over the title – free and clear – to one lucky individual at the Archery Trade Association Show in January 2020. They have also teamed up with some of the hottest brands in hunting and will be awarding monthly prizes throughout 2019.

The catch is that they REALLY want you to download their Smartphone App. You can, however, register online without downloading the App.

I’ve got a ton of storage space on my iPhone so I decided it was worth it to download the App. The DeerCast app will serve as the hub for all things farm giveaway. You can watch footage of the property evolving into a deer haven under careful management. Monthly prize packages will be featured on the app, along with monthly winner announcements.

It’s interesting but in their survey that goes along with it, I told them I would NOT pay for it.

The contest rules say the farm in Putnam County, Missouri is worth $100,000. The winner will, of course, be responsible for future property taxes. Here’s a video sneak peak:

The winner of the farm will be revealed at ATA on or about Jan. 11, 2020. Good luck!

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