DFD Receives New Rescue-EMS Truck

DFD Rescue Truck

City of Dayton Fire Department Adds First Ever Dedicated Rescue-EMS Truck To The Department’s Fleet.

The City of Dayton Fire Department’s new Rescue #1 arrived on Thursday, June 30, 2016.  The new truck is the DFD’s first ever dedicated rescue truck.

The DFD began offering rescue and vehicle extrication services several years ago, but operated the additional services off of an ill-suited mini-pumper.

DFD Firefighters
DFD Firefighters Nathan Green and Bo Kaylor displaying one of the trucks sliding compartments. (Photo by Dean Wilson)

“The addition of rescue and vehicle extrication capabilities has been wildly successful for the DFD, but until the addition of Rescue #1 we’ve had equipment scattered across our entire fleet,” said DFD Assistant Chief Adam McRorie.

The new light rescue truck is a Ford F-550 with a crew cab large enough to transport up to five personnel.  Additionally, the truck is four-wheel drive, giving the DFD the ability to go off-road if an incident warrants.

Chief Suttles added, “The new rescue truck will be fully equipped as an EMS response unit, as well, allowing the DFD to utilize it for medical responses.  This truck will exponentially increase the DFD’s service delivery capabilities.”

Chief Suttles and Assistant Chief McRorie echoed thanks to the Dayton City Council, City Manager and Recorder, and the residents of Dayton for their continued support of the fire department.

“Without the support of the community we serve, none of this would be possible.  The DFD continually strives to improve emergency response capabilities and quality of service to the residents and visitors of Dayton,” said Asst. Chief McRorie.  “The addition of this truck gives our well-trained and dedicated personnel another tool in their toolbox.”

Chief Suttles concluded, “This is the residents’ department and they’ve entrusted us with improving service.  Their continued support indicates the level of trust they place in the DFD.”

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