DFD attends 2017 Fire Department Day on the Hill

Dayton Fire Department officials were at capitol for"2017 Fire Department Day on the Hill." and Ron Travis and Ken Yager took time to meet with DFD representatives, L-R....Asst. Chief Adam McRorie, FF Heather Roberts, Rep. Ron Travis, Sen. Ken Yager, FF Jerry Anne Howard, FF Zach Beene. All are representing the City of Dayton Fire-Rescue.(Photo:AdamMcRorie)

Firefighters from Dayton Fire Department meet with State Representatives

March 12, 2017

Nashville, TN —   Assistant Chief Adam McRorie, firefighters Heather Roberts, Jerry Anne Howard, and Zach Beene, represented the City of Dayton Fire-Rescue were at State Capitol in Nashville for “2017 Fire Department Day on the Hill”.  Representatives from fire departments in Tennessee made the trip to Nashville.  Tennessee has 636 fire departments and fire stations.  Firefighters were at the State Capitol to discuss issues important to fire departments.

Governor Bill Haslam, Tennessee elected state representatives and partners with the Tennessee Fire Service Coalition provide continued support for the Department and the Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office.

The 2017 Fire Department Day on the Hill ended with a group photo on the State Capitol steps. Fire departments from across the State of Tennessee gathered to meet about legislation affecting the fire service.

The 2017 Fire Department Day on the Hill ended with a group photo on the State Capitol steps.(Photo:Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance)







There are several bill being reviewed that affect fire service.  26 bills pertaining to the fire service being considered right presently.  Most are very similar versions of others. A few have gained traction in committee.

One of the bills would make NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code) the standard for fire drills in Tennessee schools. Currently, schools have to conduct their first fire drill within the first month of being in session.  The new bill, if passed like the Fire Marshal’s Office has it written, would move the first drill to week one. A lot can happen in the first month that new teachers, substitute teachers, and students may not be prepared.

Another bill strengthens cancer presumption bills for Tennessee’s firefighters. Firefighters have a significantly higher rate than the rest of the population of getting cancer. Firefighters wash our their turnout gear, ventilate our apparatus bays, and wear self contained breather apparatus(SCBA), to try to mitigate the risk, but still have a much higher risk of developing cancer. The strengthened presumption law would help firefighters better obtain the medical care they need.

Dayton Fire Department officials sent out their thanks to Rep. Ron Travis and Sen. Ken Yager for taking time out of their busy schedules to meet with Dayton fire fighters.

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