Dayton Youth Golf Clinic Celebrates 27 Years

Dayton Golf and Country Club Youth Golf Clinic had 37 youth in attendance this year. Lots of fun and fundamentals.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

37 Youth Attend Golf Camp

June 2018

Dayton, TN —  The Dayton Golf and Country Club Youth Golf Clinic celebrated its 27 th year with 37 youth in attendance.   On the last day of the clinic there were competitions for Putting, Chipping and Driving with winners taking home prizes.

Clinic Director Nathan Talley said, “I want to thank the members and staff of Dayton Golf and Country Club for their support . (Jeff Travis ( management) ,Jeff Reed ( maintenance).”

“Thank you to the parents and children that attended this year .  Thank you to our 2018 clinic instructors Jeff Travis , coach Bill Chattin ( Rhea Middle Golf ) Ray Talley , Russell Green.”

Winners of competition below:

Putting CompetitionDriving Competition Chipping Competition
Girls 10 and up:Girls  10 and upGirls 10 and up
1 Lillee Hunt1 Lilly Chattin1  Lillee Hunt
2 Amelia Talley2  Lillee Hunt2  Lilly Chattin
3  Lilly Chattin3  Amelia Talley3  Amelia Talley
Girls 7-9Girls 7-9Girls 7-9
1  Carly Snyder1. Ashlyn Gunter1 Caitlyn Raithel
2  Jo Jo Cannon2 Carly Snyder2  Carly Snyder
3  Ashlyn Gunter3 Ryann Travis3 Ashlynn Gunter
Boys 12 and upBoys 12 and upBoys 12 and up
1  Crew Murphy1  Kyle Akin1  Cole Ruehling
2  Cole Ruehling2  Cole Ruehling2  Kyler Akin
3  Kyler Akin3  Nolan Purser3 Crew Murphy
Boys 8-9 yearsBoys 8-9 yearsBoys 8-9 year
1  Sawyer Campbell1 Sawyer Campbell1  Sawyer Campbell
2  Nolan Killian2 Mack Chattin2  Owen Sutton
3  Mack Chattin3 Owen Sutton3  Mack Chattin
Boys 10 and 11Boys 8-9 yearsBoys 10 and 11
1  Brenden Raithel1  Blake James1  Jeremy Does
2  Levi Love2  Branden Reel2  Jamison knight
3  Blake James3  Brenden Raithel3  Blake James




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