Dayton Drug and Wellness named one of three finalists in Nation


Out of 4,500 independent pharmacies, Dayton Drug and Wellness is one of three finalists nominated to receive the “2017 Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year” title.

Dayton Drug and Wellness owners Jill Sullivan (left) and Karan Needham (right) (photo contributed)

It was only six-years-ago when owners Karen Needham and Jill Sullivan opened the doors at Dayton Drug & Wellness, but locals confess they wouldn’t want to imagine Dayton without them.

“We’re just blessed to have them,” states RCSD Chief Deputy John Argo.  “They go beyond the call of duty everytime you go in.  They take care of you.”

It’s this personal touch and innovative offerings that have set Dayton Drug and Wellness apart from the big box pharmacies.

In 2010, Karen and Jill found themselves frustrated by the limitations put on them by their employer, one of the nation’s largest pharmacy chains.

Service with a smile at Dayton Drug and Wellness (photo contributed)

“We wanted to be able to do what we were trained to do,” insists Karen.

“My dream when I went to pharmacy school was to be able to come back to Dayton and serve this community.”

Eight months later, the duo realized that dream when they opened Dayton Drug and Wellness for business in 2011.

They now has 15 employees with three full-time pharmacists and a certified diabetis educator on staff.

Free from the limitations of a corporate pharmacy, Dayton Drug & Wellness offers a full range of innovative services with a personal touch including:

  • Unit dose packaging which separates meds with color coding and dates for those who take a lot of meds and want to ensure they take them at the right times.
  • Compounding Pharmacy
  • Free Delivery within city limits
  • Tests for Flu, Strep, and Shingles

Karen admits, “It’s been amazing.  We never dreamed that we would have been able to make such an impact in such a short amount of time.”

As one of the nation’s three finalists for the “2017 Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year”, Dayton Drug & Wellness needs your vote to secure the title.

You can vote every 24 hours here:

Other finalists are Haig Pharmacy of Glendale, California, and St. George Pharmacy of Staten Island, New York.

Dayton Drug & Wellness is conveniently located at 6985 Rhea County Highway, Dayton, Tennessee. 

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