Dayton City wins thrillers vs Spring City

Dayton City and Spring City Middle School fought hard but it was DCS with the wins in boys and girls action at Dayton City on Tuesday night.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Dayton City Boys and Girls win basketball games vs Spring City

November 2017

Dayton, TN —  Dayton City and Spring City varsity boys and girls games were thrillers, down to the last quarter, and Dayton City came out on top with 32-27 win in girl’s game and 47-42 win in the boys contest.  Earlier in the night, the Dayton City Girls Junior Varsity won 12-6 to give Sweat Bees and Lady Sweat Bees a sweep.

Alijah Davis and Tyler Dupre talled 17 and 13 points to lead the way for the Sweat Bees and Liam Moore added 9 points.  Jaden Pankey, Austin Bracket and Cade Cooks topped the Bulldogs with 11,11 and 9 points respectively.

Datyon City Girls were led by Emma Gentry, Shelby Davis and Chloe Akin with 10,9 and 6 points respectively.  Spring City Lady Bulldogs were led by Emily McClure, Kylie Garrison and Hanna Logsdon with 11, 7 and 4 points respectively.

Dayton City Girl’s JV were led by Autumn Spivey and Kendall Garmany with 4 points each.  Alicia Ingle and Brenna Wright lead Lady Bulldogs with 4 and 2 points respectively.



Dayton City Varsity Boys – 47

VarsityDayton City-HomeBoys3 PtFTAFTM
20Alijah Davis17013
5Tyler Dupre16068
14Liam Moore9012
35Lane Brooks3100
25Bryce Dupre2002
11Brett Hurst0000
32Garrett Hurst0000
15Colton Miles0000
24Eli Schrimpsher0000
23Kyler Akin0000
1Ethan Davis0000
13Dawson Mickel0000
12Rex Pendergrass0000
By Quarter8161211


Spring City Boys Varsity – 42

VarsitySpring City VisitBoys3 PtFTAFTM
2Jaden Pankey11012
3Austin Brackett11122
4Cade Cook9016
21Drew Fisher6000
44Jackson Dodd3011
30Landry Jolley2000
5Austin Hill0000
20Ryan Thompson0000
23Camden Fugate0000
25Caleb O’Dell0000
32Ashton Wolfe0000
34Mason Caldwell0000
40Jeremy Easter0000
42Will Combs0000
15Chase Reed0000
Score by Quarter491514


Spring City Varsity Girls 27

VarsitySpring City- VisitorGirls3 PtFTAFTM
30Emily McClure11018
24Kylie Garrison70512
12Hanna Logsdon4000
50Karlee Thunqyuist3012
13Sadie Burton2000
3Alicia Ingle0000
5Ann Moses0000
10Kloee maerki0000
15Breanna Wright0000
33Aree Walker0000
42Emma Blazer0000
52Peyton Douglas0000
20Kadie Markus0000
Score by Quarter7668


DCS Girls Varsity 32

Var -VisDayton CityGirls3 PtFTAFTM
33Emma Gentry10000
00Shelby Davis9000
23Chloe Akin6000
1Bailyn Kinney4000
25Ava Travis3000
7Autumn Spivey0000
14Ashley Brannen00512
15Maggie Johnson0018
20Megan Stephens0000
22Jayla Goins0000
32Kendall Garmany0012
55Sky Tran0000
By Quarter95414


Dayton City Girls JV

Var -VisDayton CityGirls3 PtFTAFTM
33Emma Gentry 0000
00Shelby Davis 0000
23Chloe Akin 0000
1Bailyn Kinney2000
25Ava Travis 0000
7Autumn Spivey4007
14Ashley Brannen0000
15Maggie Johnson0000
20Megan Stephens2000
22Jayla Goins0000
32Kendall Garmany4000
55Sky Tran0000
By Quarter0624


Spring City Girls JV

VarsitySpring City- VisitorGirls3 PtFTAFTM
13Sadie Burton0002
3Alicia Ingle4000
5Ann Moses0000
10Kloee Maerki0000
15Breanna Wright2000
33Aree Walker0000
42Emma Blazer0000
20Kadie Markus0000
Score by Quarter2400
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