Dayton City students raise $2700 for Jump Rope for Heart

Datyon City students helped raise over $2700 for Jump Rope for Hearts this year. Three of the top fundraisers are pictured: Payton Knox, Briley Alexander, and Michael Ray were three of the top four fundraisers. Carliegh Ashley is not pictured.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Dayton City classes raise money for Heart Association

February 28, 2017

Dayton, TN —  Jump Rope for Heart  this year was an effort between the Dayton City School Physical Education department and Coordinated School Health.  Students raised money for the Heart Association by seeking donations from community.  The top finishers are recognized for their efforts.  On the day of the Jump Rope for Heart, students come to the gym and go through several stations set up  for fun for the students.  Students names were  also drawn for prizes during the day.  Students had raised over $2700.00 as of Thursday afternoon.  Donations are accepted through Friday.

Volunteers for the Jump Rope for Heart Event: Left to right- Rachel Mosley, student teacher from Bryan College; Kim Travis, coordinated school health; Trish Newsom Physical Education teacher; Nela Swiney, art teacher; Lynn Lane, Physical Education teacher; Tyler Brown, computer teacher











Event organizer Trish Newsom, a Physical Education teacher at Dayton City School has worked with the Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart program for several years.  The program has been done at Dayton City School since 2009.

Trish Newsom said, “All the money goes to the American Heart Association.”

“It is an event to teach the kids how to have a healthy heart and continue to live a healthy lifestyle.”

“My sister and my father have had open heart surgery. My father has a mechanical valve and my sister has a pig valve.  My sister was in the 40’s and my father was in his 50’s when they had open heart surgery.”

“The research of the American Heart Association, has been what provided the technology to save their lives.”

“The heart is something you can’t live without,  so I want to teach the kids how to take care of it.”

The top students fundraisers for this year’s event were:

1st- Briley Alexander- kindergarten.
2nd – Michael Ray-3rd grade
3rd- Carleigh Ashley – 2nd grade.
4th- Payton Knox -2nd grade

Jump Rope for Heart website.



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