Dayton City School designated Exemplary by state

Dayton City School

Under Tennessee’s accountability system, districts must increase achievement levels for all students and show faster growth in achievement for the students who are furthest behind in order to reduce achievement gaps. 2016-17 is the final year of the current accountability system before the state transitions to an updated accountability model as part of the transition to the Every Student Succeeds Act.

Rather than expecting all districts to meet the same benchmarks year after year, the accountability model acknowledges that districts are starting from different places and rewards those that show the most growth.

Dayton City School has been designated as exemplary school exceeding the growth expectation on average for both all students and each historically undeserved student group.

Superintendent, Mr. Greene added, “The community should be very  proud of Dayton city school and the staff that serve them and their children. I would like to congratulate the staff the school board and the community. Way to GO DCS!”

To read more about district accountability in ESSA and what will change for 2017-18, please see this fact sheet.

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