Dayton City Football looking for successful 2017

The 2017 Dayton City School Football team.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Coach Paige Hughes enters 4th season at helm of Sweatbees

August, 4, 2017

Dayton, TN —  Dayton City School football is looking for successful 2017.  4th year coach Paige Hughes is excited about the upcoming season, despite inexperience in spots, especially at the quarterback spot.  There are 25 players on the roster and there will be several playing on both sides of the ball.  The Sweatbees have a 7 game schedule this year with some new opponents on the schedule with Oakdale, Lookout Valley and Silverdale.

Coach Hughes will have plenty of help on the sidelines with four assistants.  Coaches for Dayton City will be Jeff Hill, Steve Bullock, and Jonathan Stumbo.  Also helping will be Rhea County High School student assistant Alex Galvaz.

How will the offense be this year?

Coach Paige Hughes said, “We are a work in progress (on offense).  We are young in spots and will probably have a sixth grade quarterback.  To not have that 8th grade or 7th grade leadership behind the center will be an experience for us.  We have Tyler Depre and Marcos Garcia in the backfield.  I  really look to them to do some special things this year.  Our offensive line has really come along.  We are doing well, staying low, we are blocking and doing the fundamentals.  Now its case about not busting plays on the field and making sure the moment is not too big for us and going with what we got.”

How will DCS be on defense?

“We will fly around and hit people.  My philosophy is I want 11 men around the ball and when you get there, you arrive with a bad frame of mind.  Hopefully if we can get everybody cooking, we will be alright.

Where is your strength on defense?

I say our linebacking corp is our strength.  I look for Tyler Dupre, Greg Cooper, Rylan Bray, and Marcos Garcia to step it up.  Defensive line is not slouch either.  We’re getting to where we want to be and hopefully it will show up on Thursday nights.

Talk about your opening game?

First game is Grundy.  I love Grundy(game).  To me it’s a great opening game.  I know they are a little bit bigger size than us class-wise.  It’s always a good contest.  Last year we were in the game until halftime.  We had a incident, after our starting running back went out.  We were scrambling to get everybody situated.  It was hard last year with 19 kids.  It is hard just to run somebody out there.  I think we are gonna give them a run for their money this year.”

How is depth this year?

We have a lot of guys going both ways.  We are young in some spots.  My philosophy around here is if something goes on, next man up.  Can’t be no excuse, you have to be ready when your number is called.

Talk about sixth graders that will contribute this year.

I got Dre Garcia, who will probably be our starting quarterback when we open against Grundy.  We have several sixth graders, who are looking good.  I am excited to see what Ethan Robinson will look like in a couple of years.  We have Spencer Wilson and Malik Cooper(who have wiggle in his hips, something you can’t coach).  The future is bright at DCS.

What will your kicking look like?

Kicking is a big part of the game.  Last year it got us beat in one game.  Tyler Dupre will be our kicker and punter and he can boom em.  In Middle School, if you can flip the field it is huge.  Make them play mistake free football for 70 or 80 yards, that is hard to do in this age.

Talk about your coaching staff.

I love em.  We have great coaching staff going on. eff Hill, Steve Bullock, and Jonathan Stumbo.  Also helping will be Alex Galvaz, a student at Rhea County High School, a former DCS. The kids have responded well.  We have a lot of very coach-able players.

Check below for DCS schedule and roster.







#1 Kole Smith Runningback/Linebacker
#2 Michael Hill Wide Receiver/ Safety
#3 Dhruv Patel Offensive lineman/ Defensive Lineman
#4 Malik Cooper Runningback/cornerback
#5 Tyler Dupre Runningback/ Linebacker
#8 Rylan Bray Runningback/ Linebacker
#10 Dre Garcia Quarterback/ Safety
#18 Aiden McClendon Wide receiver/ defensive lineman
#22 Peyton Jones Wide receiver/cornerback
#23 Spencer Wilson Runningback/cornerback
#25 Anthony Galvez Runningback/cornerback
#26 Justin Boyd-Medina Runningback/safety
#32 Marcos Garcia Runningback/linebacker
#33 Colton Miles Runningback/linebacker
#34 Cayden Tipton Tightend/Defensive lineman
#60 Rahul Patel Offensive lineman/ defensive lineman
#61 Dre Cooper Offensive lineman/ Linebacker
#62 Alzaiah Brown Offensive lineman/ defensive lineman
#63 Quill Gregory Offensive lineman/ Defensive lineman
#72 Isaac Elsea Offensive lineman/ Defensive lineman
#73 Ethan Robinson Offensive lineman/ Defensive lineman
#77 Luke Henry Offensive lineman/ Defensive lineman
#78 Sohan Patel Offensive lineman/ Defensive lineman
#85 Sam Stumbo Tightend/ linebacker
#88 Corey McKinney Offensive lineman/ Defensive lineman

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