Dayton City basketball splits with Bledsoe

Dayton City School Lady Eagles won 31-9 over Bledsoe Middle on the road Thursday night. Eagles lost their game 59-33. Shelby Davis is shown in action in pre-season action vs Tellico.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Dayton City girls win 31-9:  Boys lose 59-33

November 2017

Pikeville, TN —  The Dayton City School basketball teams split with Bledsoe Middle School on Thursday on the road.  Girls team won 31-9 and boys lost 59-33. Offense was led by Ava Travis and Emma Gentry. Shelby Davis and Chloe Akin stood out on defense.

DCS boys struggled through out the whole game.  Starting wing Michael Hill suffered an ankle injury and had to be helped off the court.

Girls JV DCS 15 Bledsoe 13.

Baylin Kinney had 5 points to lead the Lady Bees and Kendall Garmany added 4 points.

Boys JV DCS 50 Bledsoe 13.

Bryce Dupree had 12 point to lead the junior varsity and Dawson Mickel totaled 8 points.

In season opener; Sweat bees and Lady Bees were both winners over Soddy Middle.

For Lady Bees, Emma Gentry led the way with 11 points and Shelby Davis added 8 points.  Ava Travis had 7 points, Ashley Brannon 4 points, Bailyn Kinney 3 points and Chloe Akins 2 points in the win.

Dayton City Boys were led by Bryce Dupree with 14 points against Soddy with Tyler Dupree, Alijah Davis and Lane Brooks each tallying 10 points.  Rex Pendergrass added 2 points.


Varsity girls vs Bledsoe:

0Shelby Davis03025
1Bailyn Kinney0
7Autumn Spivey0
11Hannah Pancey0
14Ashley Brannen00202
20Megan Stephens0
22Jayla Goins0
23Chloe Akin00505
25Ava Travis62008
33Emma Gentry23409
55Skye Tran02002
32Kendall Garmany0


Varsity Boys vs Bledsoe:

35Lane Brooks00
20Alijah Davis24028
5Tyler Dupre425213
10Michael Hill33
14Liam Moore224
32B. Hurst0
15G. Hurst0
24colten Miles0
23Eli Schripsher0
231Kyler Akin0
25Ethan Davis0
13Bryce Dupre224
0Michel Dawson0
13Rex Pendergrass1


Girls Junior Varsity:

1Bailin Kinney03205
2Charlotte Brock00000
7Autumn Spivey10001
11Hannah Pankey00000
14Ashley Brannen00000
15Maggie Johnson00000
20Megan Stephens02002
22Jayla Goins03003
24Kennedy Caudill00000
32Kendall Garmany02024
55Sky Tran00000


Boys Junior Varsity:

11Brett Hurst11
32Garrett Hurst22
15Colten Miles224
24Eli Schrimpsher224
23Kyler Akins20125
1Ethan Davis224
25Bryce Dupree440412
13Dawson Miclel02428
12Rex Pendergrass400610
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