Dayton-area TWRA office holds Open House May 19

“Dueling Bucks” is just one of the many taxidermy pieces visitors can see during the TWRA open house. (Photo courtesy TWRA)

CROSSVILLE, Tenn. – The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency breaks down the state into four administrative regions. Dayton and the surrounding counties fall into TWRA’s Region III. The headquarters for the region is located in Crossville.

Decades ago TWRA maintained an office in Chattanooga. However in the early 1970’s the Agency made the decision to reorganize its administration and locate the regional headquarters near the geographic center of each region, rather than focusing on population centers (except for the Region II office in Nashville, which they considered close enough to the geographic center).

The folks at the TWRA Region III office in Crossville are holding an open house on May 19 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The address is 464 Industrial Boulevard, Crossville, TN. Biologists and wildlife officers will be on hand to answer questions regarding fisheries, wildlife, laws and safe boating.

The TWRA Region III office, which overseas the Dayton area, is located at 464 Industrial Blvd in Crossville. (Photo courtesy TWRA)

Guests can see many pieces of wildlife taxidermy including the “Dueling Bucks” created by Wilson’s Wildlife Artistry. The “Dueling Bucks” are whitetail deer obtained from Fairfield Glade after biologists and officers responded to a call concerning sparring bucks with locked antlers in January of 2017. Despite TWRA efforts, these antler locked bucks could not be saved. However, this uncommon event was preserved through taxidermy. Visitors can read the full account of the incident at the open house. Nathan Wilson with Wilson’s Wildlife Artistry and creator of the taxidermy will be on hand to answer questions.

Visitors will also learn how to provide for wildlife on their own property, regardless of property size. Guests can view TWRA’s newest garden designed to support pollinators and birds, obtained through a Feed a Bee grant in 2017. Joe Sooter with Landscape Solutions, the Crossville based company that installed the garden, will be on hand to discuss landscaping design and plants best for pollinators.

Míme Barnes, TWRA spokesperson said, “If you’re curious about TWRA and its many roles, come out and visit. Our staff has amazing knowledge of fish and wildlife and they’re always willing to share. Wilson’s Wildlife Artistry and Landscape Solutions, our community partners, have helped make the Crossville office a unique place to visit.”

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