Creatures and Princesses come out on Halloween

Group of creatures and princesses gather for group picture at Paint the Town Pottery and Gifts on Saturday before Halloween in Downtown Dayton, Tennessee.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Witches, Dragons, Fairies, Princesses, and all types of creatures come out for Halloween

November 2017

Dayton, TN —  Witches, Dragons, Fairies, Princesses, and all types of creatures come out on Halloween.  Moms and Dads buy or create costumes that live in the imaginations of children.  I am often amazed at the creativity of people.  I love Halloween.  I watch stories come alive and memories that will never be forgotten happen in front of my little store and smile.  For a few hours the families get to be Batman, Cinderella or whoever their hero is. Nothing can hurt them and nothing can scare them.  For one night, impossible becomes possible.

Over the month of October, I got to tell stories from classic authors at my store and work with the kids on creating new chapters and endings, but the best part was watching the families come in and spend an hour of their week with each other.  After each story, the families would do a craft together.

Creating Memories is the reason for every special occasion. But Halloween is one celebration that brings out the child, artiest, super hero, and princess in each of us.
This was the first time I was able to take my daughters trick or treating. My Lizzie said she was going as Elsa with her Captain America Shield to fight bad guys with her frozen powers.  My Girl Emmie said she was a Princess (herself).  I loved every second out there in the cold.  We got cider, candy, and memories that I will treasure forever.  So, some may say that Halloween is a pagan holiday, or day just for the kids, but I bring on the costumes, candy, and the cold! I loved watching my girls this whole month get ready for that one night.  I can’t wait to next year.

So, I give you this challenge: don’t think about just the history, but see what we have made it (the good stuff not just commercialism).  See the smiles, see the joy, and see the sugar crash later that allows a few moments of piece if you have very young children (insert laughing).

God Bless,

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