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Tennessee Cougars Are Gone, At Least For Now

It appears that a cougar, or cougars, that took up residence in Middle and West Tennessee a year ago are now gone, according to...
waterfowl hunting heritage

Recognizing Our ‘Waterfowl Hunting Heritage’ – Feds Want Your Comments

Much to the chagrin of anti-hunters, hunters have long argued that they are our country's greatest conservationists. They point out that the dollars raised...

TWRA Opens New Hunting Area on Watts Bar

The Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission (TFWC) recently passed a proclamation converting Paint Rock Refuge, located in Roane County, to Paint Rock Wildlife Management...
spotted bass

Parksville Lake, A Mountain Gem

The tiny float wiggled and jiggled atop the choppy waves driven by a harsh north wind. The wiggles and jiggles were transmitted to a...

2016 Tennessee Waterfowl Blind Drawing, Aug. 6

Tennessee’s long-standing tradition of hand-drawn waterfowl blind drawings will be held at the regular sites across the state on Saturday, Aug. 6. While it...
Mason Sims Brown Trout

Hiwassee Angler Adds a Gold Medal Guide

CLINTON, Tenn. - Just behind a passing storm front, sodden gray clouds scooted overhead. The dismal light cast a shadow on the Clinch River...
Brittany Kozak's Big Catfish

Catfish and Catfishing Growing Bigger All the Time

There was a day when catfish were considered "trash fish." In fact some anglers still consider them such. However lots of anglers are changing...

TVA Aquatic Biologists Identify New Fish Species

When you hear news about an animal species these days, it’s rarely good. Most often, it’s about overabundance or scarcity. But occasionally, there’s a...

Three Perfect Gifts for Outdoor Giving

I normally despise "Christmas gift idea" stories. But here are a few - three to be exact - that I think are worth sticking...
Silencer Suppressor

Silencers Aren’t Just for James Bond Anymore

Most people think "silencers" on guns are just something they see in the movies -- something that lets James Bond take out a bad...

Officers Cracking Down on Lights for Paddlers

It has happened to most longtime boaters. It is after dark and you are speeding along the water at what feels like a safe...

The Piebald Buck

It was 30 minutes before the end of shooting light when I noticed a white spot behind the pine trees in the distance."I don't...
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